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    Default Haunted Ghost Tours

    Does anybody have any recommendations for ghost tours in the OKC area?

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    Default Re: Haunted Ghost Tours

    a few years ago we went on this author's ghost tour around norman and enjoyed it. looks like he hosts similar events around okc, too...


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    Default Re: Haunted Ghost Tours

    Saw this on TLO, didn't read it, might not have any other info than the link Martin posted, but it might be helpful.


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    Default Re: Haunted Ghost Tours

    A theater troupe in Paducah KY used to give twilight tours of the local cemetery by lantern at Halloween time. The actors dressed up as some of the more "prominent" dead people and popped out from behind the headstones to tell creepy stories about the town history and the dead citizens. It was awesome. Some theater group in Paseo needs to do something similar with that cemetery off Shartel.

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    Default Re: Haunted Ghost Tours

    They do that at Oakland Cemetery in Atlanta too.

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