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    Western Ave. The Ellison

    Oklahoma's first Tribute Hotel coming to Classen Curve area

    A local hotel management group has partnered with Marriott's Tribute Portfolio collection and will be bringing a new 5-story hotel to a parcel near NW 63rd and Western.

    Plains Management Group is set to start construction soon at the site just north of Whole Foods and part of the Triangle at Classen Curve.

    To be named The Ellison Hotel after the renowned author, Plains has partnered with the Ralph Ellison Foundation and aims to expose visitors and guests to the artistic side of Oklahoma's creativity through local galleries, artists, programming and events.

    The boutique hotel will feature 120 rooms with a high level of service, a rooftop swimming pool and bar, meeting space, a lounge, and a restaurant operated by Chris Lower (Pizzeria Gusto) and Joseph Royer (Saturn Grill).

    Michael Owens, Founder and Executive Director of the Ellison Foundation said in a statement, “We are excited to be part of this historic project. A hotel that honors Ellison’s legacy falls squarely within the vision of our organization. As stewards of Ralph Ellison’s voice, we’re delighted that everyone who wants to hear it will have a place to celebrate his contribution to the Oklahoma landscape.”

    Plains Managing Partner Ryan Slater added, “We are excited to be able to bring the first Tribute Portfolio here in Oklahoma City. Our team has been working on this project for 5 years and from the architecture to the name, it is a great opportunity to showcase local creativity on a national level."

    Tribute Portfolio describes themselves as a “growing family of characterful, independent hotels drawn together by their passion for captivating design and their drive to create vibrant social scenes for guests and locals alike.” There 24 Tribute properties in the U.S. And another 19 internationally.

    Local Architecture firm GSB and KNA Design will work together on architecture and interior design. J.E. Dunn will be the construction team with Bill White of White and Associates as the construction consultant and Simmons Bank is the lender. The Ellison brand will be developed by Cooper House and Marriott International’s design team.

    The Ellison is scheduled to open in early 2021.

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    My prediction? They'll have great success! Glad to see this taking place.

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    Badly needed in this area and looks like a great fit.

    They have a great team and concept and have spent a lot of time developing all this.

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    Yes, yes. Great fit for the area.
    Quote Originally Posted by Pete View Post
    Badly needed in this area and looks like a great fit.

    They have a great team and concept and have spent a lot of time developing all this.

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    Slater is a 2nd generation OKC based hotel operator. Local people putting their money and reputation on the line with this. I think it looks great.

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    Looks cool. Adding more people to this area is a plus. Any plans that show the whole lot? I’d like to see how the parking is designed

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    Here's hoping they retain the beautiful live oak trees on the property.

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    ^^^^ +1000000

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