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    I saw a sign posted in the 200 block of E. Main announcing "coming soon". Long time residents will remember KELLY'S as formerly being there. Main Street continues developing. The MEATING PLACE, a bbq joint opened Monday in the former ABNER'S spot.

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    200 block East Main? Keep me updated, can't wait to try this place out, hope this will be the BBQ place I can frequent once a month--try to limit myself to one eat-out per week .

    As I drove west on N.W. 10th from OUHSC area, got a good glimpse of the Collective--fought off the urge to visit. Can't stand to be around good food joints, finally got my weight down within 5 lbs of my optimum BMI.

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    The Meating Place is in the 100 block of E. Main on the north side. Proposed Nashbird on the south side of 200 block E.Main.

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