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    Danny Falcone will be opening a pizzeria in the space formerly occupied by McAllister's on Lindsey.

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    Jersey Boss, will this be one owned by him? When he was hands on, downtown and 63rd were great. Then I don't know what happened and I heard he moved back east, sold the 63rd one. Hope he is involved and it does good.

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    The TRANSCRIPT just posted a pic of the building, said it would be The Slice House and owned by Danny Falcone. No opening date was posted. However it said mid August.

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    Everyone cheered! Finally more pizza places!

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    Used to love the 63rd location

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    Quote Originally Posted by FighttheGoodFight View Post
    Everyone cheered! Finally more pizza places!
    There will also be a new one on Main, next door to the GARAGE. I believe they are shooting for Aug. 3. EMPIRE in OKC is what there inspiration is.

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