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    Default Women’s Premier Soccer League championship game (Stillwater).

    Oklahoma State opened Neal Patterson Stadium on Sunday (Aug 19, 2018) to 4,122 people to watch the Cowgirls soccer team host Bedlam rival Oklahoma.

    Stillwater hosting Women’s Premier Soccer League championship:

    Pensacola FC knocks out Seattle to reach WPSL Final: https://weartv.com/sports/local-spor...nal-07-20-2019

    Utah Royals FC Reserves Advance to WPSL National Championship: https://www.rsl.com/post/2019/07/14/...l-championship

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    Default Re: Women’s Premier Soccer League championship game (Stillwater).

    Pensacola FC wins WPSL Championship 4-3 in thrilling final

    Stillwater, Oklahoma--Briana Morris scored the championship-winning goal in the 118th minute as Pensacola FC defeated Utah Royals FC Reserves 4-3 to win its second Women's Premier Soccer League title Sunday... https://www.wpslsoccer.com/news_article/show/1036343

    WPSL Womens Premier Soccer League
    1907 N. Broadway Ave, Suite C
    Oklahoma City, OK 73103
    Phone: (405) 601-0025

    Franchise locations: https://www.wpslsoccer.com/page/show...07-clubs-2019-

    Just trying to give some love to women's sports in Oklahoma.

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    Default Re: Women’s Premier Soccer League championship game (Stillwater).

    Appreciate the updates on this. I had no idea the championship was being played in Stillwater. Any idea how well attended it was?

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    Default Re: Women’s Premier Soccer League championship game (Stillwater).

    Didn't see any attendance figures within the box score stats. Stillwater was recommended by WPSL officials headquartered here in OKC.

    A facility within our city coupled with a state representative like Fortuna Tulsa or Oklahoma City FC could have added more promotion for this event.

    This event will grow.

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    Default Re: Women’s Premier Soccer League championship game (Stillwater).

    Would have helped if one of those two clubs had made I'm sure. More local attention anyway.

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