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  1. Default New Coulter Car Wash on East 15th and I-35

    Was glad to see this locally owned car wash open up next to the OnCue.

    Gave it a try the other day (offering free supreme wash - $16 value) and I gotta say, I was really impressed. Car was very shinny and it even shined up the tires and they were still shinny 3 says later.

    Went ahead and signed myself and the wife up on the unlimited monthly plan (first month is 50% off).

    Wash does a great job, car comes out almost completely dry and not only do they offer free vacuums, but they also have compressed air for dusting and drying and a powered floor mat cleaning matching.

    If you're in the area and need a car wash, give this locally owned business some love.

    Coulter Express Car Wash

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    Default Re: New Coulter Car Wash on East 15th and I-35

    Agreed! This place was great. There were three or four friendly staffers there to make sure things were running smoothly for everyone and the wash I experienced was really good. My tires and hubs have not looked that clean in forever. Their pricing for a one-off wash seems to be in line with similar places in the area. I was impressed. Did not know it was locally owned--even better!

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