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Thread: Where to Buy ___________?

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    Default Where to Buy ___________?

    Feel free to use this thread for other things you're looking for in OKC.

    I'm looking to buy flexible 2in. PVC pipe by the foot. Surprisingly, Home Depot and Lowe's do not really carry this in a casual consumer manner (I'd have to buy a 25/50 foot bundle and I need no more than a foot for a specific repair). I think a pool supply place seems most likely after looking online, but the only two I know of in OKC (Leisure and Leslie's) do not seem to show these online (though they may still have them).

    Anybody have any good tips?

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    Default Re: Where to Buy ___________?

    i figured amazon would be a good place to look... but it seems that they only carry the longer lengths.

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    Just a guess - try Locke Supply

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    I’ll second Locke Supply. If they don’t have it, they’ll know who does.

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    Locke or Tractor Supply

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    Default Re: Where to Buy ___________?

    i need to buy some good cheap dj gear, thats what im gonna do for
    my mid life crisis

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    Mcmaster Carr (mcmaster.com) is usually my first place to goto online, and then Fastenal and/or Motion Industries (which have local stores that items can be shipped to or picked up at).

    You may want to look at irrigation places as well for flex PVC or something similar. Something like Ewing down in norman.

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    We use McMaster Carr and Fastenal extensively at work and Motion Industries every now and then. Fastenal can be pretty flakey at times, but we have their vending machines for common consumables which can be pretty convenient

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