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    Default Golden Corral Closing?

    Heard a rumor the other day about the Golden Corral in Midwest City closing anyone else hear about this.

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    Default Re: Golden Corral Closing?

    Yes, they are building a new on across from Hobby Lobby.

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    Default Re: Golden Corral Closing?

    Oh nice didn't hear that part

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    Default Re: Golden Corral Closing?

    On SE 15th St. and S. Sooner Rd? We saw one or two months ago they were planned to demolished old houses the last times. I'm not sure about the construction planning a new building for Golden Corral? It does not look like not enough space seems a small area from the old former houses? or So are you sure the planning from Feast next to across to available from the front of open space behind the back of Warren Theater Movies?

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    Default Re: Golden Corral Closing?

    It is going to be on the Northeast corner of the intersection of SE 15th and Sooner. just North of the gas station and small strip mall on the Del City side.

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    Default Re: Golden Corral Closing?

    I wonder where is it at? Just North of the gas station Gulf (Runner) behind by the Pawn Shop?

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    Default Re: Golden Corral Closing?

    Seems it will be located in the same place as the recently removed homes

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