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    Default Ackerman McQueen

    NRA is suing them, claiming the ad agency is refusing to turn over detail on how they have been spending money in relation to their long-standing contract.

    AM billed them $42M (!!) in 2017 alone.

    Regardless of how this is resolved, this could signal an end to a relationship that has lasted almost 4 decades. It would also mean they would have to drastically reduce their 125 employees based in OKC (another 65 or so are split between Colorado Springs and Washington D.C.

    NRA has been running a deficit and is getting tighter about money. It may also be a way for them to get out of this contract with AM and spend less elsewhere.

    NRA Sues Ackerman McQueen, Mercury Group
    Mon., Apr. 15, 2019
    By Kevin McCauley
    Charlton Heston
    Charlton Heston
    The National Rifle Association has sued long-time ad agency Ackerman McQueen and its Mercury Group PR unit for allegedly failing to turn over its business records to justify its billings.

    The organization paid Ackerman McQueen more than $42M in 2017.

    According to the suit filed in Virginia Circuit Court, the NRA “requested access to material, readily available records that Ackerman and Mercury are contractually obligated to provide,” but the defendants refused to provide them.

    The gun group claims it negotiated with AM for access to the records for the better part of a year and its patience has now run out.

    It wants business records including “budgets purportedly approved by the NRA, copies of material contracts for which the NRA is purportedly liable, and readily available performance data—all to inform the judgement of its fiduciaries.”

    The NRA claims its contract with AM entitles it upon “reasonable notice” to examine any and all “files, books and records” of both Ackerman and Mercury which pertain to matters covered by the parties’ contract.

    AM dismissed the suit as “frivolous, inaccurate and intended to cause harm to the reputation of our company.”

    The Oklahoma City-based shop said in a statement: “We will defend our position and performance aggressively and look forward to continuing to serve the NRA’s membership.”

    The NRA and AM has worked together for decades and created the high-impact “from my cold, dead hands” messaging of the late actor and five-time NRA president Charlton Heston.

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    Default Re: Ackmerman McQueen

    Saw on social media they are moving to the Monarch

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    Default Re: Ackmerman McQueen

    The 76-member NRA board has split into two factions: A smaller pro-AMc group led by Oliver North, and a larger anti-AMc group that is suing them. The lead attorney representing NRA is William A. Brewer III, who is related to AMc’s two top officials who are his brother-in-law and father-in-law. The suit was filed in Alexandria circuit court.

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    Default Re: Ackmerman McQueen

    Good article. Reading it made me late for work this morning. I would quibble with the dismissive mention of the Chickasaw Nation, as I believe they are much larger than the NRA.

    But I will say this-Ackerman-McQueen has made the NRA what it is today. If the NRA is the 800lb gorilla in the room now, they would be a 10lb spider monkey without the work of A-M. It would still be 15 old white men in a hangar at Wiley Post meeting once a month, instead of NRA TV and all their other massive efforts across the USA. A-M makes a huge amount of money from the NRA, but the NRA has made much more over the years as a benefit of their partnership. The iconic image of Charlton Heston and "From my cold, dead hands!" is an eternal link to the NRA that was driven by A-M. The NRA was all too willing to bask in the glory of the good times. Complaining about A-M now is disingenuous, IMO.

    One other thing: I personally don't like the NRA and what they do and stand for.
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    Default Re: Ackmerman McQueen

    The typo in the thread title amuses me.

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    Default Re: Ackmerman McQueen

    Quote Originally Posted by catch22 View Post
    The typo in the thread title amuses me.
    lol... fixed it.

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    Default Re: Ackmerman McQueen

    Quote Originally Posted by Martin View Post
    lol... fixed it.

    I respect your position but disagree on your action

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    Default Re: Ackmerman McQueen

    North out of leadership grab at the NRA.


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    Default Re: Ackerman McQueen

    Interesting times at the NRA...

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    Default Re: Ackerman McQueen

    Considering Ackerman McQueen seemed to pull a power play with North in order to oust LaPierre, this can't be good for the OKC agency, especially on top of the existing lawsuit.

    My understanding is the NRA is more than half their book of business and there seems to be a very real chance that relationship is going to end soon or at least be sharply curtailed.

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    Default Re: Ackerman McQueen

    Keep an eye on the results of tomorrow’s NRA board meeting. I would not be surprised if Wayne LaPierre is ousted then, as well.

    Ackerman McQueen is too intertwined with the NRA to be cast aside. AM is not an employee of the NRA, rather, they are a full business partner IMO. AM controls 75% (if not more) of the NRA media and messaging. They could take their NRA TV and all the public face representatives of the NRA ( who are ALL employed by AM) and start their own hard right, 2nd Amendment organization by Friday. And have a larger revenue stream than the NRA would be left with.

    This family squabble will settle quickly. Because the stakes are too high not to.

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    Default Re: Ackerman McQueen

    The wheels came off in the past two years for several reasons: 1) Trump was elected which eliminated any threats to the 2nd Amendment; 2) NRA revenues fell precipitously; 3) Oliver North was selected as president; 4) AMc created NRATV which paid North off the books; 5) Despite continued mass shootings in the US, the NRA continues to oppose any efforts to keep guns out of the hands of those who clearly shouldn’t have them.

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    Default Re: Ackerman McQueen

    Quote Originally Posted by CloudDeckMedia View Post
    5) Despite continued mass shootings in the US, the NRA continues to oppose any efforts to keep guns out of the hands of those who clearly shouldn’t have them.
    this is simply not true

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    Default Re: Ackerman McQueen

    Quote Originally Posted by BoulderSooner View Post
    this is simply not true
    Then please cite the gun control measures that NRA has committed time & resources to promote, at both federal and state levels.

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    Default Re: Ackerman McQueen

    LaPierre was just reelected by a unanimous vote of the NRA board.

    Ackerman had backed Oliver North in what seemed to be an attempted coup to depose LaPierre, but it failed miserably and North is completely out.

    This has to be very bad news for AMc.

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    Default Re: Ackerman McQueen

    Does all of this Ackerman news put the Monarch Building in jeopardy?

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    Default Re: Ackerman McQueen

    Quote Originally Posted by chuck5815 View Post
    Does all of this Ackerman news put the Monarch Building in jeopardy?
    The building was going up before AM decided to go there.

    However, I'm sure their move is very much in question now.

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