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    Default How White Supremacy is Literally Killing White People

    Some may disagree, but it's an interesting read, like a new, updated chapter to "What is the Matter WIth Kansas?"


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    Default Re: How White Supremacy is Literally Killing White People

    3 cheers for my ol' pal Thomas Frank!

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    Default Re: How White Supremacy is Literally Killing White People

    Interesting read. I agree with him there is a group of white's that seem to pathologically want things to remain and not change because of comfort and complacency. In this essay, he terms it "whiteness" but while race is an issue, I don't see it as being as big an issue as he writes. I see the rural poor as issues of region, family ties, education, inability to get a better job, lack of willingness to find opportunities and rejection of any sort of interference from any source - especially the government. I say this as not being commonly an issue of race because you also have a lot of the same sorts of folks, with similar pathologies, in these same areas who are black (or in the west, hispanic) who seem to settle into places with the same missing ambitions.

    I thought it was interesting that he made the statement several times that the pathology is that some of his subjects would rather die than use Obamacare. I agree with this statement. However, unless I missed it, he fails to say that the likelihood is most of his subjects would not have been able to afford to pay for it whether Tennessee or whatever state he was in had opted into it or not. We have it in Colorado and have from the start and it was outrageously expensive. Obamacare never lived up to what was promised from the start.

    As far as the next post and the mention of Thomas Frank, who writes about income inequality, nearly all the billionaires he talks about have said they support higher income taxes. But the other thing that is rarely ever talked about is the income inequality is centered in the locations where liberalism is the highest. With some exceptions, this inequality is centered in silicon valley, SF, Seattle, New York and Boston.

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    Default Re: How White Supremacy is Literally Killing White People

    I'm sure there's a lot of overlap with the Salon piece, but his episode of the podcast "Why Is This Happening?" with Chris Hayes was fantastic (and depressing).

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