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    Default The Spot...South Side Area??

    Hey All...

    As a kid and what I can remember...wasn't there a place in the Capital Hill area called The Spot?? I remember going to my great grandmother's house, then we'd (mom, sister, me, gg) go shopping in Capital Hill. I believe J.C.Pennys'...or a Wards....and John A Brown. My grandmother did business with a bank there and sometimes we'd go through the drive through in the back.

    Sometimes she'd take me to the library there and I remember my sister wanting to go to The Spot. Was this a drive in....restaurant.....pool hall/game room for teenagers??

    What was the location?


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    Default Re: The Spot...South Side Area??

    It was a drive-in restaurant with car hops at about 26th and S Western on the west side of the road. There was a building in the back corner of the lot and the cars parked in the lot closer to Western.

    I was pretty young at that time so I hope my memory is correct.

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    I believe the name was "The Hamburger Spot" and like we youngsters did back then was just call it "The Spot".
    C. T.
    p. s. I went there often once I got my drivers license.

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