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    Default Trash clothing recycling

    Hey Everyone

    I'm going through clothes and looking to find a good way to recycle the stuff that is just too beat up for resale (think of jeans with paint and holes in the knees.) I know that there are several clothes drops off boxes around the city and I will take clothes that may not be great but could be resold, but these other ones I'm hoping to take somewhere that specifically looks for texts to recycle. Does anybody have any good ideas of places to take it to?

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    Default Re: Trash clothing recycling

    I'm also looking for a place to donate my clothes.

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    Default Re: Trash clothing recycling

    A couple places at the outlet mall (North Face for sure, but I know there are others) have a bin you can put old clothes into for recycling. Nike has a bin for old shoes to be recycled (any shoes, not just Nikes).

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    Default Re: Trash clothing recycling

    Any Goodwill store or drop off. Also, there is Oklahoma Waste and Wiping Rag Co., or Sooner Rag Co.

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    Default Re: Trash clothing recycling

    EARC in Edmond used to sell bags of rags. They took clothing that had holes and old tee shirts and sold them as shop rags. Cheaper then buying bags of rags for dirty jobs. The money from the sale of clothes goes to support a good cause.

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    I believe Goodwill recycles textiles that cannot be resold. All that stuff is made into mostly rags, as I understand it, used by the cleaning industry.

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