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    Default Robinson Crossing AMC

    The old Robinson Crossing 6 is being currently redone into an AMC. Opening in the Fall.


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    Default Re: Robinson Crossing AMC

    Unless they are planning to have something like a Director's Suite for all of the screens, it is going to take some major renovations. Whatever they do, I am happy to have another option in Norman other than the Hollywood.

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    Default Re: Robinson Crossing AMC

    At this point, I feel like this can only be a good thing. I was surprised to see from another source that AMC is touting this as a first-run theater now. I would presume from that alone they must have relatively substantial renovations in mind.

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    Default Re: Robinson Crossing AMC

    I am hoping for a higher end screen experience. I actually think that will make it compete pretty well. Interested to see what they will do.

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    Default Re: Robinson Crossing AMC

    Drove by there maybe a month ago... all the old theater seats were laying out back. It looked so significant I thought maybe they were going to demo the place and turn it into a concert venu. So yeah if this is going to be a theater it seems like they’re pouring a lot into it, which is great.

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    Default Re: Robinson Crossing AMC

    The theater opened last night. I did not go, but they are selling tickets on their website. It appears they will have heated, reclining seats throughout with a bar and expanded food options. It looks like each screen has about 70 or 90 seats depending on size.

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