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Thread: Tipping Norms

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    Then why not tip the cashier at Wal Mart or the person that helps you find a suit? Why not tip the plumber and the oil change guy at Jiffy lube or your CPA?

    Tipping a waiter is done because traditionally waiters were paid below standard wages and expected to provide quality service for the tip.. lf a waiter is now being paid $10 to 15 per hour, the waiter is making a full wage and does not need to be paid unless he\she really wows you and you feel so inclined.
    The problem is there are a lot of places still paying low wages where a tip would be appropriate.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rte66man View Post
    What about places where you order at the counter? Many now have an iPad where you are given the option of leaving a tip before you've been served. The catch for me is I don't usually carry cash so it leaves me in a bind. What do others do?
    I hate that type of system. Encountered it again this weekend when we ate at Maples. You stand in line, order/pay/pick up your food all at the counter, get your own drinks and refills - yet, as you pay they spin the screen around and solicit a tip. I can't' tell you how annoying I find that.

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    I HATE that practice to the point that unless something is exceptional, I won't go back. Same with handing you a receipt to sign with a tip line.

    How do you tip when you have yet to be provided any service (other than taking your order after standing in line)?

    It's incredibly uncomfortable to determine a tip beforehand and while the server is standing over you. And it really undermines the entire purpose of tipping.

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    Sure it is awkward and annoying but no more so than declining girl scout cookies at the entrance to stores or not contributing to every Salvation Army bell ringer you run across from the days before Thanksgiving to Christmas. I always tip with cash and always for service at the end of the meal. No exceptions.

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    I don't find either of those things awkward. A polite 'no thank you' is completely proper and you can chose to create a transaction or not.

    This tip-at-the-counter prompt is entirely different. You have already decided to enter the establishment and place an order. Then, when all that has happened is they have taken your money, they stand over you while you are directly propmpted for a tip. It's ridiculous and IMO shows a disregard for the customer which you should be seeking to please and have return.

    I don't carry cash, especially not small bills. But if anything, if they are bring me the food then have to clean up after me (because they serve on dinnerware and/or don't have a place to drop your own trash and dishes) then I'd like to leave a cash tip on the table.

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