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Thread: Boulevard Place

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    Core2shore Boulevard Place

    Boulevard Place is an eight-story mixed-use development to be built at the southwest corner of Oklahoma City Boulevard and Shields Boulevard, adjacent to the Omni Hotel and one block east of Scissortail Park. At over 260,000 square feet, Boulevard Place will feature 241 residential units, over 22,000 square feet of ground floor retail space, and world-class amenities.


    Developer: Rose Rock - Tulsa
    Architect: FSB

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    Really intrigued by this project. Might finally be the one that gets my folks out of the Centennial

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    But centennial is for own and these are for rent?

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    This becomes a huge success if we can get a CVS or Walgreens type of store in one of those retail spaces.

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    not OR but CVS 'AND' Walgreens since they usually co-locate where one of the other builds. lol.
    Oklahoma City, the RENAISSANCE CITY!

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    i don't like the facade of the building.
    i think it's a poor design and poor selection of exterior building envelope.
    very disappointed especially coming from fsb.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OKC2017 View Post
    i don't like the facade of the building.
    i think it's a poor design and poor selection of exterior building envelope.
    very disappointed especially coming from fsb.
    I'm excited about this project and while this was not my first choice, I like the fact this developer is incorporating 30% of the units to affordable housing. That said, I sadly echo the comment above about the gray exterior being rather ugly. This looks much more like a hotel than a residential building.

    I think we may look back at this era as a bit of a lost opportunity. There have been some quality builds, like The Edge, but most of them look cheap and will not wear well over time. I'm still hopeful about the end result of the West Village.

    Call me crazy but I'm going to echo one of the fondest posters here and suggest it's time to start building up instead of these superblock boxy constructs.

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    While I am excited for this development, I'm in agreement with others - this proposal wasn't my first choice and I do have criticisms of the exterior facade as well as the more sparse placement of the storefront windows on the ground floor. That said, I have no doubt that this will be a quality structure and it certainly will continue our city's forward momentum. I'm ready to see work begin!

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    This one was definitely my first choice back when the details of the four proposals were posted, so I'm mostly just holding on to the hope it goes up largely as rendered.

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    Yeah, IMO, this one was worlds better than next best one. There were like two proposals I liked but this one was much better. The others were trash. I love the renderings and think it will be a home run if built as shown.

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    Before this project and the convention garage can start, the operations in the old OG&E 'Gold Building" must be relocated to a new facility on Wilshire.

    Took all these yesterday. The new building is almost finished. Not sure where they stand on moving all the equipment but I suspect it won't be long until the existing building starts to come down.

    I believe the purchase contract with the city stipulated they had to be completely out by March.

    The green stuff is a grass seed slurry.

    New critical data center for Oklahoma Gas & Electric. Building is precast walls and double T’s for roof structure. Building is designed to withstand an EF-5 tornado (250 MPH winds). Data floor will consist of 70 racks day one with capacity for 40 additional racks.

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    Is that wood panels on the new building or did the salvage some of the gold metal from the old building? Haha...

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    Add another construction crane to the scene soon!

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    Demolition planned to make room for downtown mixed-use project

    The Oklahoma City Urban Renewal Authority (OCURA) has submitted an application to demolish several structures as part of a continuing plan to redevelop property adjacent to the city's new convention center and Omni Hotel.

    On behalf of the City of Oklahoma City, OCURA paid Oklahoma Gas + Electric (OG+E) $14 million to purchase three buildings and related property that the company had been using for its data center.

    OG+E has constructed a new facility south of Wilshire Boulevard and east of Broadway Extension and relocated its operations and staff. As per the contract, OG+E must completely vacate the downtown property by April 1.

    The demolition would make way for a new 6-story parking structure that was required by contract with Omni Hotels. It will also serve the new convention center.

    In addition, a new mixed-use project will occupy the portion of the property facing the new OKC Boulevard and Shields.

    Through a previous application process, OCURA selected the developers of the proposed Boulevard Place, an 8-story development to include 241 residential units and 22,000 square feet of ground floor retail space as well as other amenities.

    The buildings targeted for razing are actually three separate structures constructed between 1919 and 1922. In 1987, the buildings were significantly remodeled with an addition of gold, perforated metal panels providing the appearance of a single structure. A large transmission tower was added about the same time, which would also be removed under the plan.

    As part of their demolition application, OCURA claims it only recently came across the photos (shown above) and was not aware of the original buildings beneath the gold facade as they moved forward with plans to redevelop the property and thus no consideration was given to saving them or incorporating them into the project designs.

    The application goes on to state that the three buildings likely inccurred significant damage during the 1987 renovation, that it is not economically feasible to restore them and that the overall objectives of the garage and mixed-use development could not be as easily achieved.

    City planning staff recommended approval. The Downtown Design Review Committee will formally vote on the matter at their March 21st meeting.

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    Damn, that's a beautiful building. Good find Pete.

    Hopefully we don't get bamboozled and the proposed development gets built as shown. It would definitely be a good trade off but really wish they could have incorporated it in some way.

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    I’ll go ahead and put this here.

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    These plans were submitted yesterday to the OKC Economic Development Trust.

    The project continues to move ahead.

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    Have the exterior materials changed? Looks different.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoya View Post
    Have the exterior materials changed? Looks different.
    I think it is just a different angle and view. It looks like the latest pic is from the west side of the development looking east. All the other renderings have been from the east side of the development looking west.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoya View Post
    Have the exterior materials changed? Looks different.
    No, just a different angle (looking southeast).

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    They have changed, Steve posted another pic on NewsOk. Looks better actuallyClick image for larger version. 

Name:	large960_blur-58571f97589777d00dc82947b87a8855.jpg 
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    Looks the same. Maybe one is a night pic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevin lee View Post
    Looks the same. Maybe one is a night pic.
    That's what I was thinking as well. The initial renderings were evening and the latest were during the day. If there was any change, it would be minimal, I would guess.

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    Here are a few more of the latest renderings, which have been slightly revised.

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