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    Glad to hear TheTravelers! I feel like our new public owners are trying to get us there, we're optimistic that we'll see some positives in 2019. Now, if only more companies would go this route.

    And just for record, im in IT as well.

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    Default Re: OKC vs Tulsa Billionaires

    Quote Originally Posted by bombermwc View Post
    I think you actually made my points for me. I wasn't actually referring only to the technology employees, but they would be included. The fact that this behavior is being considered normal, IS the problem. Just because a lot of companies do this, it doesn't make it right. It doesn't mean it HAS to be this way. It just means people have become resigned to those "norms" that the penny-pinchers have forced on them. I dont feel like that is an ok thing. Treating people with proper respect should be a higher priority rather than just the bottom line. Sometimes the cheaper thing isn't the right thing (just look at any company that outsourced IT to contracting firms and then ask accounting/employees how that worked out).
    I'm going to drop it because I think we're talking apples and oranges, and also getting off topic.

    Teo put this argument into perspective fairly well. Paycom's rise is fairly new so I don't think they should be judged on the same level as the Kaiser or Hamm empires.

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