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Thread: OKC Happy Hours

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    Default OKC Happy Hours

    I wasn’t sure if there was already a thread, but is there anywhere that lists current happy hours throughout OKC? I know it would be very helpful to me when someone asks me about some downtown and I go blank.

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    That would be a good list to have.. especially with new liquor laws that actually allow Happy hour specials. previously that wasn't an option on anything but 3.2

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    This could be a good idea for the OKG/OKCTalk to do. Keep like a running list/page of HH specials/locations in the metro.

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    Pete, should this thread be in the General Food & Drink forum instead of the restaurant-specific forum?

    Sorry, don't have any actual helpful info to add, we drink at home.

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    Default Re: OKC Happy Hours

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    Quote Originally Posted by sooner88 View Post
    Good list but all Pre Alcohol reform. so the point they address about no drink specials is no longer the case. I'd be interested to see a good write up of places around town and the new specials that may be offered now that they can have drink specials outside of the old " can't advertise and must be same every day of the week" BS

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    Here is what we are doing this month at STAG.

    Every Day
    Happy/Late Hour (3pm - 6pm & Midnight - Close)
    $5 Old Fashioned & Margarita
    $1.50 Coors, PBR, & Miller Lite
    $2 House Cinnamon Whisky Shots
    $4 Crown Royal Shots
    25% off all Cigars

    Monday Madness (Every Monday)

    $5 Old Fashioned
    1/2 All Beer
    (Open - Midnight)

    Military/Veterans Appreciation Weekends (Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday)

    30% off the entire menu for all active Military and Veterans
    Must Show Military ID or DD214
    (Open to Close)

    Cigar & Whisky Pairing Nite - 2nd Wednesday of every Month (11/14) - Eventbrite Event

    E.H. Taylor Single Barrel (1 oz) and a Padron 5000 Maduro
    $20 per person - Limited to 20 people
    630 - 830pm

    Beer Social Nite - 3rd Wednesday of every Month (11/21)

    50% off All Beer
    Open to Close

    Whisky Wednesday - 4th Wednesday of every Month (11/28)

    30% off all Whisky, Bourbon, and Scotch
    Neat and on the Rocks only
    Open to Close

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    Default Re: OKC Happy Hours

    The house cinnamon whiskey at stag is incredible, they kept trying to push it on me until I basically had to tell them that a fireball-esque old fashioned sounded terrible, so they brought me some to try.
    Dangerously smooth and doesn't taste like fireball at all.

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    Default Re: OKC Happy Hours

    I just saw The Union posted this yesterday on Instagram:

    Happy hour 4-7 daily!
    $1 Good Ass Beer
    $1.50 Coors Banquet Draft
    $3.00 Fat Tire Draft
    1/2 price flatbreads

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