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    Ellis L. Williams
    Late last week, The Oklahoman’s HR department informed me that due to a hiring freeze, the job offer I accepted on July 5 was being rescinded. Though blindsided and disappointed, It’s time to rediscover what is next. To those who have already reached out in support, thank you.
    The guy who was going to be the new beat writer for OSU just posted that the Oklahoman has rescinded their offer as they are on a hiring freeze. Unless they just changed their mind about this guy and want someone else, this will mean OSU doesn't have a beat writer. I get that OU football is king in this state, but this is bull****.

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    Cinematic Version:

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    Boone Pickens passed away today at 91


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    Wow I had no idea he was 91. Pretty impressive actually.

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    Was relatively in good health until a major stroke a few months ago.

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    An interesting story about Coach Gundy's son. To no surprise, he is considering going to OSU. To quote him from story:

    “I like the idea of going to OSU,” Gunnar said. “I’ve been around it for a very long time – ever since I was a baby. I like Stillwater. I love OSU and the atmosphere and the people here. If I do get a chance to play here, I’d love it, but I’m still open to options. OSU kind of has my heart right now I’d say, because I do like the idea of staying here and playing.”

    Going to OSU could put more pressure on himself or his father, but Gunnar knows that is part of the deal if he chooses to stay home.

    “I think so, but I trust my dad will treat me like any other player, and I hope he does so, If that happens, then I hope that will work out. That would be pretty cool to play for him and have him coach me. He’s pretty much coached me my whole life, but actually having him in that position would be pretty cool for me and my family.”


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