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    Mary G. Ross

    Born: August 9, 1908, Park Hill, OK

    Mary Golda Ross was the first known Native American female engineer, and the first female engineer in the history of Lockheed. She was one of the 40 founding engineers of the renowned and highly secretive Skunk Works project at Lockheed Corporation.--Wikipedia

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    All American Rejects

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    Anita Hill
    Born: July 30, 1956 (age 62 years), Lone Tree, Oklahoma
    Education: Yale Law School, Yale University, Oklahoma State University–Stillwater

    'Speaking Truth to Power,'
    Anita Hill Tells Why She Left OU: https://newsok.com/article/4804079/s...hy-she-left-ou

    NY Times Anita Hill: How to Get the Kavanaugh Hearings Right: https://www.nytimes.com/2018/09/18/o...ce-thomas.html

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    Darci Lynne Farmer

    Darci Lynn Farmer, Born: October 12, 2004 (age 14 years), Oklahoma City, OK

    An American ventriloquist. She was the winner of season twelve of the NBC competition show America's Got Talent. Farmer became both the third female and third child to win America's Got Talent, following Bianca Ryan in season one and Grace VanderWaal in season eleven.

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    Eddi-Rue McClanahan from the Golden Girls
    Brad Pitt

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    Meghan Mullaly (Karen from Will and Grace)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeepnokc View Post
    Meghan Mullaly (Karen from Will and Grace)
    She was not born in Oklahoma but her father was though so that is why she moved back to Oklahoma City and grew up here

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    Steve Owens, OU football, All-American, Heisman Trophy Winner, from Miami.

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    Tim Blake Nelson who is actually going to be at the Philbrook tonight as a part of an outdoor screening of O' Brother Where Art Thou.

    Tim grew up in Tulsa, attended Holland Hall. Maternal Uncle is George Kaiser. Also graduated from Brown & Juilliard.

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    Ryan Tedder - Front man for OneRepublic.

    Born and raised in Tulsa.

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    Unbelievable Talent

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    Leona Mitchell & Luciano Pavarotti

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    Golden Girls the best of Blanche Devereaux

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