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    Default United States Postal Offices

    Its seems to be an increasing problem where US post offices (their buildings) are falling into terrible disrepair. The post office I've been going to for a few years looks bad....really bad. The building has very noticeable rust on the metal areas, doors do not operate properly, the lawn looks horrific, (poorly mowed, dead shrubs, etc) and over all appearance is pretty disgusting. When I mentioned this problem to those who work there they tell me there is nothing they can do about it. Weird.

    So. Does anyone know why the post office(s) let their buildings look so bad? And is the post office part of the government or is not it? I've heard they are and are not. What a confusing mess.

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    Default Re: United States Postal Offices

    I noticed this a few weeks ago. Seems like they do the bare minimum.

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    Default Re: United States Postal Offices

    Yes, I agree. What makes it frustrating to me is there seems to be zero, none, notta bit of accountability. No action and no promise of action. Thus, I figure they MUST be government run.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zuplar View Post
    I noticed this a few weeks ago. Seems like they do the bare minimum.

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    Default Re: United States Postal Offices

    kind of ironic that the envelope pushers are not trying to push the envelope when it comes to modernization and upkeep.

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