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    Default 4th Street Underpass

    ! A new underpass will be coming to the railroad crossing at 4th Street. It will take about 5 years before work is completed.

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    Default Re: 4th Street Underpass

    that's a much needed change but it's going to be a rough 5 years for those who live and work around 4th.

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    Default Re: 4th Street Underpass

    I was surprised to see that Moore rejected a quiet zone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shawnw View Post
    I was surprised to see that Moore rejected a quiet zone.
    I wasn't... most people don't live close enough to the tracks to care and those of us that do don't notice the trains anymore.... not to mention it was a lot of money to implement and we had 5 property tax raising questions on the ballot. Plus once the underpass is built the train will only sound at Main and 12th & 34th Streets.

    I'm really still surprised the Prop 1 passed.... I think if it had just been the underpass without the other improvements it would have failed but adding the other street improvements pulled in votes from people that probably hardly ever use 4th Street.

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    Default Re: 4th Street Underpass

    The quiet zone seemed to be way overpriced compared to Norman. Norman did a quiet zone for $300,000 while Moore was asking for over $1,000,000. But, since the overpass won then I assume trains will be blowing their horns less anyways. They can sound at 34th Street, No need to blow at 19th or 4th Street once the overpass is completed. And then that leaves 2 more crossings north of 4th to sound the horn.

    I'm happy to see Eastern/Toby Keith get a major facelift. That will be huge.

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