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    Default Dev Accross Rockwell from Farmers Ins.

    Anyone know what's going on with the dirt moving across the street from Farmers Insurance? It would be on the corner of Rockwell and W. Memorial just north of the American Self Storage.


    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Dev Accross Rockwell from Farmers Ins.

    Tinker Credit Union location with be next to the mini storage.

    A new 7-11 is going in on the corner of Memorial & Rockwell.

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    Default Re: Dev Accross Rockwell from Farmers Ins.

    I have not found a thread on TFCU other than this one but the Tinker Federal credit union looks about ready to open.

    This is south of the new 7-11 on Rockwell/Mem. TFCU is just south of the storage units complex on the east side of Rockwell. (From north to south - new 7-11/Storage complex/TFCU)

    I think its a great spot for them with all the growth out that way. The closest one is down in Bethany on 36th street.

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    Default Re: Dev Accross Rockwell from Farmers Ins.

    Yes, I went by there over the weekend and they were finishing up the landscaping and looked like they could open any time.

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