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    Auto Alley Cain's Coffee Building

    This historic 1918 building at 1 NW 12th was sold to a local construction company 2 years go which promised renovation, but I went by on Sunday and the place is a deplorable mess (see 2nd photo below).

    The new home to Oklahoma Contemporary is well under construction directly to the south, so hopefully that will spur some action here as the current state of the property really warrants city intervention.


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    Default Re: Cain's Coffee Building

    HGL did the same thing with 229 E. Sheridan.

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    Plans submitted to renovate former Cain's Coffee Building

    Building permits were submitted for a $4 million renovation to the long-neglected building a 1 NW 12th, formerly home to Cain's Coffee.

    The 5-story building was purchased in 2016 by Midwest City contractor HGL Construction and the company has been marketing the space for lease for the last two years.

    Plans call for a full renovation of the 1918 structure built in the Art Deco revival style. The white glazed brick and cast stone will be repaired, cleaned and sealed. The original steel windows will be restored with new insulated clear glass lights with repaitned frames to be made operational.

    Design is by Method Architecture of Tulsa with preservation overseen by Preservation and Design Group of Oklahoma City, which has been involved significant renovations at the Ambassador Hotel, Calvary Baptist Church and the nearby Buick and Pontiac Buildings.

    Similarly, the entire interior, 50,000 square feet across 5 levels and a full basement, will see stucco cleaned and repaired and a reopening of existing lightwells. The current state is shown in the photo below.

    Lease plans show a fitness center in the basement and either tenant or restaurant space on the ground floor.

    Although generally know as the Cain's Building, the coffee company only leased space from 1941 to 1961.

    The project comes amid a flurry of activity in the Automobile Alley district, with the Oklahoma Contemporary well underway on it's large new campus just to the south, OG&E in the process of relocating a substation to the north to allow for private development at that site on the corner of NW 10th and I-235.

    Just to the north, Dolese recently released plans to relocate its headquarters to a new building near Wilshire and Broadway Extension, with their entire 14-acre campus to be marketing to a new owner and developer.

    To the west and south, a former Mercedes Benz dealership will soon be converted to an office building and new home to the HoganTaylor accounting firm and the 5-story Broadway Park building is nearing completion.

    And just south of 10th, a score of new redevelopment projects are underway.

    All design plans will require approval by the city's Downtown Design Review Committee.dings.

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    This is a beautiful building and I always wondered about it when I drove past.. I’m glad something is being done and the renderings look good

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    This literally has made my week! One of my top fav buildings in the urban core. I’d love to see the upper floors become apartments. And I hope the Dolese campus become apartments with retail and restaurants as well. I’m so pumped for this!

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    The interior picture reminds me of how the Fred Jones Building looked inside prior to renovation.

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    This is such a cool building.

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    It was just a matter of time, can't wait for this!

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    Isn't this where that creationism museum used to be?

    Anyways, it's very exciting to see this being renovated. There's so much potential along Broadway in that area.

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    so cool! i do hope for some residential apartments!

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    I have a feeling that this is what the uhaul building in bricktown (Itens biscuit building) would look like if restored. I really hope that in the near future someone will bring that building back to life as well.

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    They've started work and are not messing around:

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    So I take it Rick Dowell isn't involved with this one...

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    YOU win the internet today!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by hoya View Post
    So I take it Rick Dowell isn't involved with this one...
    There's still hope that they could set up some scaffolds quickly and then quit work.

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    No business district sidewalk to block for years on this project, or the green "Dowell Center Parking" sign that sprouts up like a weed. Lol

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    Windows are being replaced:

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