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    Default El Reno development

    When I first started coming to Oklahoma we camped at the KOA at I-40 108 where the Cherokee truck stop is and did most of our shopping in El Reno, so I pay attention to development in El Reno a lot. El Reno has a big advantage over Yukon (where I live) in the fact that it has a LOT Of room for expansion. While we all watch what's going on around OKC, there's a number of developments going on in El Reno that are sneaking in under the radar. I went driving around out there yesterday and there's a new Loves Travel Center going in on Radio Road, a new larger mixed use development of some sort getting under way at I-40 and 81, and apparently some new manufacturing centers being built on Route 66, as well as some new housing developments.


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    Default Re: El Reno development

    Glad to hear El Reno is getting some love. Their downtown could be really cool one day.

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    At the Valero gas station on Country Club, just off I-40 and in front of Wal-Mart, there will be a Schlotzsky's installed inside soon. It will be one of those "add-on", inside setups. That gas station is being renovated to be made bigger and will include a new Schlotzsky's location. The store is selling out their stock right now (the store is about 75% empty) and the renovations will start soon. The clerk said the store will be closed for about 2 weeks then reopen with the installation of the Schlotzsky's continuing after the re-opening. No definite word on when the Schlotzsky's will be opening.

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