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Thread: Rodeo Cinema

  1. stockyards Rodeo Cinema


    This sounds interesting if you are in to indie cinema.

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    I love this idea! I hope the name "Rodeo" is not misleading or off-putting.

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    Except that it’s the actual name of the historic theater. Hopefully those who’d otherwise like to pretend that OKC doesn’t have Western heritage will recognize the authenticity of this particular brand and overlook their bias against the city having any type of cowboy-related connections whatsoever. I get not wanting to be stereotyped, but we should also be embracing authentic elements where they apply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5alive View Post
    I love this idea! I hope the name "Rodeo" is not misleading or off-putting.
    It's about as authentically "Oklahoma City" as you can get.

    This type of venue is much needed in this town.

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    Has this place opened yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigrayokc View Post
    Has this place opened yet?
    No but getting close.

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    My best friend manages the place. Shooting for an opening around Aug. 10-17. I've taken the tour and had no idea it was a shared space, but it's a neat little space.
    Expect some really different movies

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    This place is incredible, saw Amazing Grace last night (fantastic movie - Aretha singing gospel at an LA church in 1972). Don't know what it looked like before, but it's top-notch now. 170 reclining, super-poofy seats, some leather chairs with tables, good-sized screen, nice tin roof in the lobby (which has a concession bar (with reasonable prices) and a little seating area with a bunch of tables/chairs and reading material, chandeliers...

    The people that work there are really nice and knowledgeable, said they're trying to get Joe Bob Briggs to make a stop here on his tour, and also going to build a new bldg a block or so away with 2 more screens, wish they could just put the extra screens in the same bldg, but that's impossible, so at least they're able to do them just a short walk away. They said they get a decent amount of business, about half-full on some weekend nights, and for their VHS and Chill events they get fairly full, hope they can make it, great addition for indie films, hope DeadCenter uses it, it'd be perfect for that.

    Added bonus for us - just a 10-15 minute drive straight down Villa/Agnew (we're at 36th/May)!

    Ate at McClintock afterwards, another great experience.

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    Andd they are building a new companion theater just around the corner, with the plan to operate both facilities.

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    Saw an ad for DeadCenter before the film, and forgot to ask them if they were planning on hosting any events, and it looks like this year they're not, but wondering if anybody knows if they will in the future? Seems like it'd be a good place for things, but maybe not close enough to downtown to truly make it feasible.

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