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    Default Stephenson Park

    There is a lot of development happening around this park. Several apartment projects adjacent to this park as well as several other projects happening in the immediate vicinity. The city has announced a full redo of the entire park with an included food truck court as part of the preliminary plans. I messaged the city on Facebook recently about the recently proposed projects, two of which were supposed to break ground in October but didn't seem to, however the city seemed to indicate they were still moving forward which is good.

    With all the good things happening around Downtown Edmond, with what is officially proposed other than rumblings, this area looks to be the most promising and fully active urban area in Edmond. Very exciting. Just a pipe dream, though I'm normally against street cars in most cases, I think one would be appropriate in Edmond provided it is grade separated at 2nd. St. connecting this area, Downtown, and UCO. At the very least, I hope protected bike lanes are soon planned here as it would make sense.

    There are around 4-5 proposed loft and apartment buildings directly adjacent to this park. Most by the same developer except the building at 5th and Broadway. I'm not too optimistic about that project as it was supposed to originally be a Tuckers Onion Burger with offices above but that concept fell through and now the whole project seems to have slipped in limbo, but I have no insider info on development so that's just from my observations. The extra parking is nice and all that's really left to upgrade in this area after this will be the alleys(most have been brought up to modern standards) and a redo of 4th St. The Edmond Historical Museum is also undergoing renovations. They just wrapped up one of the phases(I forget which) but are about to begin the final phase. I can't wait to go back and check out the new version. Edmond is really doing great things!

    Preliminary Concept:

    Larger image here: http://edmondok.com/DocumentCenter/View/4626

    If you wish to have your input heard, they are having a public meeting at the Edmond Historical Society Museum tomorrow at 6:00pm. Here is a link to the press release: http://edmondok.com/CivicAlerts.aspx?AID=554

    Here are links about the apartment projects:


    I've listed this on OKC Development Map if you want a better idea to visualize how this area will transform: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?h...873318059&z=18

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    Default Re: Stephenson Park

    I tried to make a map as best I could, but I didn't do as good of a job as Pete does :P But here it is:

    What you see in blue is proposed and what is orange is under-construction("officially"). I didn't list the Edmond Historical Museum because the remaining phase is small.

    The ones in blue are still under design or their renderings haven't been released to my knowledge. The ones orange have and I'll post them below:

    Towns at Stephenson Park
    12 town homes. 2 stories. Located at the SW Corner of 3rd St. and Littler Ave.

    Park 17
    Restaurant and retail at the bottom with apartments on top. 3 story building. Upscale, urban style apartments. I'm guessing 17(?) apartments due to the name. I'm not sure. Located at NW corner of 5th St. and Littler Ave.

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    Default Re: Stephenson Park

    Humm, I know a lot of people like it the way it is. I did email the city about reopening up the springs. Yes it had at one time a natural spring.

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    Default Re: Stephenson Park

    Reopenng it and adding a water feature would be nice.

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    Default Re: Stephenson Park

    That’s cool about the springs! I hope they conserve as many large trees as they can. I wouldn’t mind the change of layout.

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    Default Re: Stephenson Park

    Thanks for taking the time with this update, PluPan. I didn't know a lot of this was happening.

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    Default Re: Stephenson Park

    You’re welcome! This is very exciting. I also suggested to the city they install raised intersections and protected bike lanes around this area and they told me those things are being considered so I expect new street infrastructure improvements coming along with everything else this could be 25+ million dollars of new investment here. I don’t know what the cost of the park will be.

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    BTW - I don't know any details, but the SE corner of 5th and Broadway has also been purchased for some sort of development, which is why the car lot has been cleaned out (yay!).

    Oh, and you can see my motorcycle, barely, in that picture. But only because I know where I was parking every day when that image was taken.

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    SE corner? I wasn’t aware of that development. Perhaps I mistakenly placed the development at SW scorned when it’s correct location is where you’re seeing. I’ll need to double check unless a new development has been announced.

    I have seen your motorcycle as my grandparents own the office building at E 4th and Broadway on the SE corner. She’s a beautiful bike!

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    Default Re: Stephenson Park

    I noticed that the building permits for the Park 17 phase of this development was issued last month.

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    Default Re: Stephenson Park

    Update from the city:

    Stephenson Park Master Plan: The Master Plan for Edmond’s oldest park was completed in the summer of 2018. The park will be going through an “urban-park” style theme with ideas borrowed from Myriad Gardens in OKC, The Gathering Place in Tulsa and Klyde Warren Park in Dallas. One of the primary goals of the Master Plan for the park to be “passive” with more open space. Elements that are included in the Master Plan: an amphitheater, picnic tables, and an improved pavilion. Stephenson Park will be at the center of development that is occurring in the area. The area is becoming a popular spot because of new restaurants, businesses, the UCO Jazz Lab, and future multi-family housing. Design will be complete by spring 2019. Phased upgrades will occur shortly after.

    - http://edmondok.com/DocumentCenter/V...-February-2019
    Streets around Stephenson Park will be upgraded as well:

    4th St. Streetscape (near Stephenson Park): Streetscape along sections of 3rd St., 4th St., and 5th St., is under design. The project will include parking adjacent to Stephenson Park and potential private development. The design work includes on street parking, trees and landscape, lighting and a water line upgrade.
    - http://edmondok.com/DocumentCenter/V...-February-2019

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    Default Re: Stephenson Park

    Some one asked about a water feature. I vote for reopening the natural spring.. Not sure where it was. There was a spring there at one time.

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    Default Re: Stephenson Park

    ^^^ I have been meaning to ask the city about this consideration. It would be very nice.

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    Default Re: Stephenson Park

    Would be nice if they could reopen the spring and have a nice little pond feed by it. Maybe a little water fall or something going during the summer.

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    Default Re: Stephenson Park

    The park redo is started construction: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?sto...00064593043508

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    Default Re: Stephenson Park

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    Default Re: Stephenson Park

    I’ll try and get some pics this week but this project is in full swing.

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    Default Re: Stephenson Park

    I have one big complaint about this. This is one of the first parks in Edmond. Before the current build, there was a spring located there. It was filled in. I called the parks dept and asked for they could uncover it and do some kind of small water feature with it. No reply.

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    Default Re: Stephenson Park

    Here’s the new playground equipment the city voted to buy:

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    Default Re: Stephenson Park

    Quote Originally Posted by oklip955 View Post
    I have one big complaint about this. This is one of the first parks in Edmond. Before the current build, there was a spring located there. It was filled in. I called the parks dept and asked for they could uncover it and do some kind of small water feature with it. No reply.
    FWIW, Edmond largely draws its water from the aquifer below it. Whatever spring used to be in that park, I'd imagine has long since dried up.

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