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Thread: St. Thomas More

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    OU St. Thomas More

    Sunday, March 11, 2018 at noon (after the 11:00am mass) there will a be a ground breaking ceremony and reception celebrating the construction of the new, larger church. Archbishop Paul Coakley will also be in attendance. Below is a 3D rendering of what it will look like. STM+Final-Update+sc.m4v

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    Good concept for the new catholic churn in Norman, Oklahoma.

    Back in the late 60s, we had a very vibrant St. Peter Claver Catholic Church on N. E. 8th Street in OKC. We had plans to construct a larger church separate from the school.

    Monsignor Victor J. Reed
    Bishop of Oklahoma City-Tulsa Diocese 1958-1971

    The (then) Diocese of Oklahoma City-Tulsa under the spiritual leadership of Bishop Victor J. Reed merged St. Peter Claver with Corpus Christi Church as one parish. Many of our members weren't initially greeted with a true welcome by Corpus Christi Church which resulted in the predominately black catholic parish members leave to join churches like St. John's Missionary Baptist, Tabernacle Baptist, Cleaves Memorial Methodist & Avery Chapel African Methodist Episcopal.

    Other black Catholics joined St. Joseph's Old Cathedral, Little Flower & Our Lady of Perpetual Help Cathedral.

    Thanks for sharing Brett, the model you just shared looked much like what we had envisioned for St. Peter Claver & St. Martin de Porres Catholic School.

    Still strong & Catholic because those of us who were converts vs. the cradle Catholics stood strong with the faith--it carried us thru the most turbulent times our faith with the behavior of some priests, who were pedophiles that rocked the Churches' foundation throughout the United States that was felt all the way to Vatican City--That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church.

    Best wishes for St. Thomas More.

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    Pretty slick CGI rendering of the new university parish.


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    The new parish church was dedicated this morning at 10:00am.

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    interesting that they went back to a more traditional architectural style than the previous building.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martin View Post
    interesting that they went back to a more traditional architectural style than the previous building.
    Thank God!

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