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    Quote Originally Posted by jedicurt View Post
    i think the difference is HS FB is during the season... and the difference in money... that's probably why a NFL Preseason game was allowed... the money
    The 6A championship is usually played at he end of the regular Big 12 schedule. They don't want to have the fans choose. Last year it was Dec. 4th. As to the money factor, there are always stadium concerts .

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    XFL would be a good fit for expansion into some smaller markets like Louisville (UL), Omaha (TD Ameritrade), Little Rock (War Memorial) and Oklahoma City (Gaylord Family MS).

    Lower bowls of some of the larger facilities (excess of 40,000) like GFMS would make a great venue where 30,000-40,000 seat max needed.

    Outdated video, hope you can envision the potential the XFL could become.

    American football would have the venues available (spring) to absorb the players to supply a new league. XFL would not be a direct competitor, but a nice alternative.

    Tulsa, let's not overlook, it would be a city you could add to those cities in the XFL YouTube markets.

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    Now, we need to see how the resurrection of the XFL will turn out. It doesn't hurt to talk about expansion; however one guy puts OKC on his list for XFL expansion:

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    What! Jim Traber is not on the list?

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