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    Smile *NEW* Head Country Apple Habanero Bar-B-Q Sauce

    I ran across this video clip from Fox25's website which led me to google the Head Country website. To my surprise, I noticed that Head Country has a new Apple Habanero Bar-B-Q sauce. I was a little perplexed that the Head Country video segment from Fox25 made no mention of this new sauce.

    I did a little legwork running from grocery store to grocery store to see if I could find the Apple Habanero Bar-B-Q sauce before the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm happy to report that the Homeland grocery store located at N.May Ave & Britton Rd. has it in stock. A 20oz. bottle with tax cost exactly $4.00.

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    Default Re: *NEW* Head Country Apple Habanero Bar-B-Q Sauce

    ***I'm too lazy to start a new thread so I'm gonna hijack this thread since it pertains to Head Country.***

    I may be late in noticing this but I found Head Country Sugar Free Bar-B-Que Sauce in stock and for sale at the Buy For Less on NW Expressway & Hefner Parkway. This should be a great option for those who are mindful of their sugar intake.
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