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    Default Re: US-75/I-44 Interchange

    if wish they could find a way to incorporate a fix to that damn Glenpool stoplight into all this. Makes traffic sooooo stopped up.

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    Looks like this will actually happen soon after all!


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    Awesome. This is much needed!

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    Quote Originally Posted by soonerfan_in_okc View Post
    if wish they could find a way to incorporate a fix to that damn Glenpool stoplight into all this. Makes traffic sooooo stopped up.
    75 should be limited access highway all the way to the county line, not sure what the plans are but with the growth in the Glenpool area it is sorely needed. While they're at it they can make 75 a limited access highway all the way to Texas.

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    Default Re: US-75/I-44 Interchange

    The first part of this project starts 1/27 with replacing the 33rd W Ave bridges. The Union Ave bridges and the start to widening I-44 starts this year as well. This highway section dates to 1953 and will be more than 70 years old before it is fully replaced.


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    There will also be a community update as the US-75/I-44 project moves forward. I hope OkDOT does it right and goes for a full stack and no clovers.

    The Oklahoma Department of Transportation is hosting an open house on Thursday, Jan. 30 to present information about a project which will improve I-44 between Union Ave. and the Arkansas River. This would include widening I-44 to accommodate a future six lane configuration in this corridor, replacing the deficient Union Ave. bridge over I-44 and also making improvements at the I-44/US-75 interchange. This phase will be done within existing rights-of-way and is scheduled to let for construction in 2020.

    Future plans for additional phases of work in the corridor and at the interchange are still being developed at this time. It’s important to note that as these future plans are still in the early stages, specific right-of-way impacts are not yet identified for these later phases.

    The Open House will be a come-and-go event providing the public with a chance to view informational displays on the next phase of work on I-44 between Union Ave. and the Arkansas River. There will not be a formal presentation; however personnel will be on hand to help answer questions.

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    I hope OkDOT does it right and goes for a full stack and no clovers.
    The i44/i235 junction has higher traffic counts with faster regional growth and did not, so unless there is some funds from Tulsa and/or suburbs it seems unlikely to go full stack.

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    I attended an ODOT open house last week about this corridor. Unfortunately they simply don't have the budget for this project yet, and the first phases aren't set to start until 2027 unless they get some major grants. They are currently working on widening the corridor so that 44 is six lane all the way through the Tulsa metro.

    You can see the plans and phasing in the downloads section here: https://www.ok.gov/odot/Programs_and.../20200130.html

    The widening phase is going to be a joke. For seven years we'll have an extra lane crammed in on both sides, with even worse conditions for merging and getting on/off 75. They aren't seeking any additional ROW for this project apparently.

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    Default Re: US-75/I-44 Interchange

    ODOT ought to be barred from widening any interstate within the state and only be allowed to work on interchanges.

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    Default Re: US-75/I-44 Interchange

    The next phase of this interchange and surrounding roadway reconstruction will start in early 2021.


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