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Thread: Pet Missing?

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    Don't blame the Chinese restaurant


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    When I lived out southeast of Arcadia, the was a big cat that roamed our area for quite some time. It would leave paw prints on our place that measured 4 inches across. It was a large dark brown/black cat with a long tail, we saw it on several occasions. Some of our neighbors saw it as well.

    People seem suprised to see wild animals in their neighborhoods, but as long as they keep building in previously unoccupied areas, they are going to have wildlife show up in their backyards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stick47 View Post
    "The KATT rocks Mustang...roar!"
    ...this shortest straw has been pulled for you

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    I walk creeks in Central Oklahoma on a regular basis. For over 2 years now I've come across mountain lion tracks. This particular creek runs into the Cimarron river which I believe the cats move up and down. I've seen a ton of deer and coyote tracks too. I've taken several pics (alongside my foot) of the tracks and had confirmed from folks in the know it's a big cat. I'd say at a minimum least 6 inches across.

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