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    Default Rose District (Downtown Broken Arrow)

    $18 Million dollar mixed use development announced on the north side of the Rose District.


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    Default Re: Rose District (Downtown Broken Arrow)

    Good to see the Rose District doing so well. Turns out, people kinda like concentrated corridors of retail/business/food/etc that's somewhat walkable.

    Who knew?

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    Default Re: Rose District (Downtown Broken Arrow)

    I visited downtown Broken Arrow recently and was impressed by the new developments. This would only be 6 blocks north of where the tracks cross Main and where a likely terminus for a downtown Tulsa-BA commuter rail line would be located.

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    Default Re: Rose District (Downtown Broken Arrow)

    beat me to it!

    I'm happy to see a suburb (I'm sure BA won't call themselves this) take such pride in their urban district.

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