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I am called several names....Darla is my birth name but I answer to Mom, Grandma, Aunt Dorie and several more depending on whether I'm behind the wheel of an automobile. I am a native Oklahoman with stopovers in Canada, 3 years, Beaver Lake, Ar, 16 years, Yukon, 5 years. I am an avid gardener, a political junkie, active letter writer on a variety of subjects.....rail transportation, depleted uranium, local city council activities, etc.

Some of my best friends tell me I'm opinionated and I can't argue the point. I've already told everyone too much. Glad to be here!!
Hi Darla,

Welcome to this forum, and please feel free to post your opinions on anything. There are lots of good people on this forum, and many great discussions,so we are glad that you are here to share with us.