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Thread: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

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    TheLlama Guest

    Default Re: Roll Call- Introduce yourself

    I was looking for information on the holiday boat parade because my grandpas 1920 Model T boat was in it and low and bohold i found this site. Ive never seen an OKC forum and was curious to see what was goin on in here so i joined up. So... Hello to all.

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    cancunpete Guest

    Default Re: Roll Call- Introduce yourself

    Good Morning All. Pete here from Enid.

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Roll Call- Introduce yourself

    Thanks again everyone for the introductions. We're so glad to have you here!

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    SoundMind Guest

    Default Re: Roll Call- Introduce yourself

    The name is Sound Mind! I'll leave it at that. I've been on this site for some time now, but haven't given an introduction yet. I'm from Nichols Hills. Currently serve as one of the big researchers at OMRF. I also have my own research lab on the campus of the OU Health Sciences Center in the Biomedical Sciences Building. Obviously my "handle" comes from my dabbling in modern science.

    It's a pleasure to be here. Keith and Patrick both invited me to this site. I've been so impressed with this site, that I decided to be a Gold Sponsor. It's been a good year at the lab, so I decided to part with some of my rewards!

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Roll Call- Introduce yourself

    SoundMind, we're happy to have you on board. Thanks also for becoming a subscriber.

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    Phlux Guest

    Default Re: Roll Call- Introduce yourself

    Hi. I moved to Oklahoma City in the beginning of 2002 to live with one of my relatives and attend college, but now I live in Midwest City. I'm a High School Graduate of 2001 from a small town in Southern Oklahoma. I moved to the city to get away from the small town drama. Everybody knows everybody kind of thing. One of the most reason is I just couldn't live their anymore after my dad died. It was hard on me and just couldn't live the life as I did when I lived their. While I was attending coillege here. My mom passed away and it just sent everything into a downhill for me. I was born legally blind, but with the help of corrective lenses has helped me keep a stable vision to get around.

    I enjoy setting behind my computer doing random things such as programming, web design, maintaining forums, and ect. I also love spending time with my girlfriend and family. Outdoor Activities consist of ATV Racing, Rodeos, Drag Races, and Camping.

    If you want to know anything else about me just ask.

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    Well, hello everyone! I'm a born and raised Oklahoma boy who's been in and around OKC since 1993. Graduated from high school in Edmond, got me degree from OCU and taught for my first year out of college in OKC Public Schools.

    Work for the state now and hate every minute of it.

    Am interested in talking to those that remember about how OKC USED to be. Like most of America we tear down our history here in Oklahoma and put in a Walgreens and a Home Depot. I wanna know where the cool places used to be that aren't there anymore...and I want to know what cool stuff is still out there that needs to be protected.

    I have my BA in English Lit and am looking at starting grad studies next fall at OU. Looking right now at escaping Edmond again and moving back down into the Heritage Hills area...my favorite in the city.

    Anyway. That's enough rambling for x-mas eve. If you know of any cool forum threads...point me in the right direction...

    Thanks folks...Merry Christmas!

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    Default Re: Roll Call- Introduce yourself

    Welcome, Underling! Glad you're a part of the OKC Talk forum!

    I live in Mesta Park right now. When I go jogging (when the temperature is comfortable) I go through Heritage Hills. I love those beautiful historic homes... I suggest you leave Edmond and come on down where all the action is. It's nice being so close to dowtown.


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    Keith Guest

    Default Re: Roll Call- Introduce yourself

    Hey, Underling....as Luke said, we welcome you to this forum. We have a blast here, and there are so many topics to talk about. As a matter of fact, we have a thread started right now where we talk about the way OKC used to be, years ago. Lots of nostalgia (sp?).

    We appreciate you taking the time out of your schedule to register with OKCTALK. Express your opinions, share your ideas, kick back, relax, and make yourself at home. Speaking of home...I think if you move from Edmond, back to OKC, I think you will feel more at home .


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    Thanks guys. I'm planning on being back in OKC by the end of February. I can hardly wait. For one, I'll be glad to leave behind my commute on Broadway Extension...

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Roll Call- Introduce yourself

    Hey Underling...first off, welcome to OKC Talk! If you want to talk about how OKC used to be, you've definitely come to the right place. Feel free to jump in any time. We'd love to hear your memories!

    We'll be glad to have you back in OKC! I've can testify to those long drives on Broadway Extension. Although, fortunately for me, I was going to reverse of all of the traffic...I commuted from OKC to UCO every day!

    Well, like I said, we'd love to have you jump in and participate. There's something here for everyone. If you want to talk about OKC in general, we do that mostly in the OKC and Surrounding Area forum. We discuss everything from MAPS to Bricktown to memories of OKC...whatever you feel led to talk about. Also, there's a lot of cutting edge, inside info. presented here, so it's a great source to keep up to date on OKC politics and happenings.

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    oklacity75 Guest

    Default Re: Roll Call- Introduce yourself

    I'm Oklacity75 the name stems from my hometown which is Oklahoma City just like many people that post here. I was an active member of the old talkback forum from okc-cityhall the city's old web address. The 75 is my birth year itís hard to believe I'm almost 30. I'm single, I have no children, and I live in NW OKC near Mercy Hospital. Anyways I'm a big useless information junkie. I love to read up on new happenings in OKC. Rather itís the new businesses coming to Oklahoma City or the latest city gossip.

    A little background on me, I was born and raised in Oklahoma City and I graduated from Westmoore High School in 1995. In July of 1995 I joined the U.S. Navy and became a Seabee. Seabees provide engineering support for the marines. Seabees build camps, roads, bridges and miscellaneous other stuff as the mission requires. My Navy career took me to Japan, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, Port Hueneme, Ca. and Gulfport, Ms. I always loved the Japan trips because most of the flights had a layover in Anchorage, Alaska. Alaska is very beautiful almost anytime of year. I hope to take cruise there someday soon.

    I moved back to Oklahoma City in 2000 I left the Navy and took a job with a well known electronics retailer here in OKC and that's where I currently work. I went back to school in 2003 to earn my degree in Police Science at OSU-OKC. Right now I'm scheduled to graduate in 2005; however, I'm contemplating either going for another degree or getting my bachelors from Cameron University through a program at OSU-OKC.

    Thatís the basics on me if you want to know more feel free to ask. I intend to be an active member of this blog and I look forward to debating the issues with each of you.

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Roll Call- Introduce yourself

    oklacity75, we welcome you, and thanks for posting an intro. Keith and I both remembered you from Oklahomas Own, but we couldn't quite figure out how long ago you joined us. Seems like so long ago when Talkback was around. Seems like both Keith and I have been involved in city discussion boards and city politics for along time now. Unlike some forum boards, in this one we allow you to express your opinions without censoring them, as long as they're within reason and follow the guidelines of this forum. Feel free to post your opinions on the topics. We won't delete your posts or ban you based on a personality conflict. In fact, the more opinions we have here, the better. As you've probably read, many of the debates that go on here are pretty entertaining, well planned, and very enlightening intelectually. Thanks Midtowner and mranderson!!! lol! We'd love for you to join the dialogue.

    Take care and have a great new year!

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    misstrouble Guest

    Wink Re: "roll Call"

    Hi all .. I am from Elk City Oklahoma .. I am a 26 yrs old female and will have been married 1 yr Jan. 7th .. I am also the mother too 3 children ages 7 who is kaleb .. 6 who is Javannah .. and 3 who is Ashlie .. And I also have 3 four legged kids too .. lol .. a Cocker Spaniel ( female ) .. A Siberian Husky ( female ) .. and a Seal Point Siamese ( male ) ... well Hope all is well with everyone and that everyone has had a very Merry Christmas and hope that you all have a Wonderful New Year!!!!

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: "roll Call"

    Hey misstrouble. Thanks for the intro. We'rehappy to have you here! Feel free to jump in wherever you'd like! We encourage you to participate.

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    just_like_sugar Guest

    Smile Re: Roll Call- Introduce yourself

    My name is Rebecca, and I am a lifelong Oklahoma native. I grew up in small town,OK but have lived in the OKC Metro area (off and on) since 1995. I currently reside in Norman.
    I love it here, I think Oklahoma has managed to keep a small town feel to our cities while still growing and providing new business, shopping, and entertainment options. To me, that is a great mix.
    I like posting about things to do, cool new options in the area, and also about ways to improve life here in central Oklahoma. I am very eclectic in my tastes, so I look forward to getting lots of new information to help me in finding things to do...
    Anyway, that's me in a nutshell...hope to visit with many new people on here soon...

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    sword Guest

    Default Re: Roll Call- Introduce yourself

    Hi my name is Dennis and I too am a lifelonge resident of Oklahoma. I grew up down in Ardmore. I am current resident of Norman OK and I am the married to just_like_sugar see previous post. I am looking forward to joining in on as many conversations as possible, and getting to know everybody here.


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    Keith Guest

    Default Re: Roll Call- Introduce yourself

    Hi, just_like_sugar and sword...it's great to have both of you on board as new registered members. You have come to a place where you can express your opinions and share any ideas you may have.

    There are a variety of topics to choose from, so sit back, relax, make yourselves at home, and Happy Posting!!!

    Again, WELCOME!!

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    MasterWolf Guest

    Default Re: Roll Call- Introduce yourself

    Welcome Sword and Sugar!! Its very nice to meet you.

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    Janie Guest

    Default Re: Roll Call- Introduce yourself

    Hi everyone! I'm Janie, and OKC attorney/wife/mother. I've lived in Oklahoma since 1974 and in Oklahoma City since 1986. We could live anywhere, but choose Oklahoma City because we love it.

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    sword Guest

    Default Re: Roll Call- Introduce yourself

    Welcome Janie I am new here myself, but it is a really great place with lots of friendly people. I hope you enjoy it here as much as I have.


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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: Roll Call- Introduce yourself

    Hey sword and Janie! We're really happy you've joined this site.

    I know there's a lot of negative sentiment out there about our city, but OKC is really what you make it. If you stay at home and watch TV all day, of course it's not a good place to live. But if you actually spend time enjoying our great sites, it isn't too shabby!

    Hey, feel free to join the discussion! We'd love to hear your opinions. I foy ujust want to discuss Oklahoma City, feel free to look at the OKC and Surrounding Area forum....there's a lot of cutting edge info. given in this forum.

    Again, welcome to the site and thanks for giving an intro.

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    Sooner&RiceGrad Guest

    Default Re: "roll Call"

    Hi there. I was referred to this forum by one of my friends at Skyscraper Page (Renffahcs, incase he is on here as well, though he lives in DFW) I see some people I recognize. I came here because this thing interests me. If you thing you have seen me before, I am active on PoFo (politics forums) SSC, and SSP. I occasionally view threads over at urban planet. I am usually well informed, but you may find me slightly over aggressive and highly opinionated. But, since this is a regional forum, with nothing but Okies we should not have politics and regional conflicts, lol.

    Looking forward to a great time together,

    P.S. If you must refer to me by username (I prefer first name) use the initials SRG, that is what I am used to.

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    Rev. Bob Guest

    Default Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    The name is Reverend Bob. I'm a minister at a mid-size Baptist church here in Oklahoma City. I'm 52 years of age, married, with 3 beautiful children.

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    Patrick Guest

    Default Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    Hey Rev. Bob. It's great to have you aboard. As you can see, there are lots of different topics discussed here. Pick those you like and jump in. I'm sure the Faith and Values forum may interest you. Feel free to give your 2 cents.

    Thanks for the intro. and welcome to OKC Talk.

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