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Thread: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

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    Hi Chris! Welcome to the board!

    We look forward to hearing from you.. feel free to jump in and join the discussions.
    " You've Been Thunder Struck ! "

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    Default Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    Hi, my name is Eric Lyle (ETL). I have lived in OKC for around 5 years. I still have a few more years of school to go, and I love architecture and seeing our city grow to its best potential. I enjoy golf and hope to a dentist one day. Please contact me at erictlyle@yahoo.com.

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    Default Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    Hi all...big Trip Advisor forum fan, but the Oklahoma section is pretty exciting...not

    34 live in S. Moore, married w/ two furry sons (dogs)...wife and I work for a large national bank

    Graduated from UCO '98 and OCU '03 and am currently avoiding all the alumni letters requesting money : )

    Looks like a good site here...glad I found it

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    Default Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    Hello, I am Matt from NW OKC...I have been married for just over 1 year and now own a spoiled cat...

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    wallyboy75 Guest

    Default Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    My name is Walter and my wife I moved from Liberal, KS and live in Mustang, We lived in the OKC area for a bout 3 years

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    Keith Guest

    Default Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    Hi OrangeKnight, wallyboy75, ETL, and Easy180, and Welcome to OKCTalk. There are lots of great discussions and plenty of friendly people to meet. So, jump right in and "Happy Posting."


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    goddessnna Guest

    Red face Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    Hey all , just found out about this website through a link on another website (I think it was the Bricktown one) when I was looking for whats going on in the city this weekend.. I just moved here a month ago from Boston so a little bit of culture shock :tweeted: but I absolutely love Oklahoma! I can't believe it.. as a diehard Northeasterner nearly my whole life (lived in New Jersey most of my life.. hehe ) but yeah its great! The people are so nice, the weather is wonderful (ok a little hot with this 100+ streak :stars: but can't beat going swimming in the pool everyday!) Can't wait to start participating in the forums!

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    Talking Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    I am glad to her the new and !!!!!

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    okiebean Guest

    Default Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    Hey, my name is Lauren, and I live in Moore. I'm fourteen (Yes, gasp, I know.), and have a brother and several animals, not to mention a couple of parents.
    I've lived in Moore all of my life but six months, when a fire displaced us to OKC, and love it here - More so when it's cold. :P
    I love to write, and hope to be an author someday, but until then, I'll stick to writing English essays and IMs.
    I'm kind of a freak about school board issues, and wish the kids could have more of a say, but I'm just happy we don't have uniforms or constant personal searches yet.
    It's really neat to see all these Okie-people here, and I'm glad to be one.

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    Default Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    I am so glad you joined! Oh, at least we were invited to represent HWJH at the Moore Public Schools’ meeting on the new high school decision. Goooooo Sabercats! South Moore Rocks! I wish you were going to Moore High, seeing as how this is my first year there, ya know.

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    Default Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    I am graduate of Westmoore.

    Wow I guess things are happening in Moore these days.

    I cannot believe they already have a mascot and name for the school.

    Or is that just wishful thinking on your part?

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    okiebean Guest

    Default Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    Nope. They've got it all figured out, it seems; Most of the kids at my school are future SouthMoore Saber Cats now.
    It's kind of amazing.

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    Default Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    I think its safe to say a second football stadium will be added to the Moore district in the near future.

    It will be hard to run three large schools on one football field.

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    okiebean Guest

    Default Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    I agree.

    Where they would build it, though, I have no clue.

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    Default Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    Well, actually when Lauren and I were at the committee meetings, someone asked if there was going to be a new football stadium. Mrs. Debbie Venard, President of the Board of Education, said that there no plans for a new stadium, but they are going to look into getting a new stadium for the near future. I assume that this new school is going to put a little hole in their pocket for the next five or so years. I would guesstimate that Moore will get a new stadium within the next five years after SouthMoore is built.

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    Default Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    When I said near future I was thinking 5-10 years.

    The new school would have to open and grow a little before they actually do it.

    The site of the new school is probably not going to provide enough room to build a new stadium. I think an ideal place would be on land that is on the northside of the Westmoore.

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    Default Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    Hello everyone. My name is Yale, I live in St. Louis and I'm a 1993 OCU Law grad preparing to make my first return trip to OKC since 1994. I'm looking forward to taking in a couple of Blazer games (I've already checked and they're playing a Friday-Saturday home set) and revisiting some of the old haunts from my law school days (the ones that have survived, anyway). I really enjoyed my 3 years in OKC and have always had a great affinity for the area - I just haven't had a great opportunity to get back lo these twelve or so years. That changes this November. I'm really looking forward to it.

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    Default Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    Hey yall! My name is Brent, and I am (or will be at the end of the month, hah) a 21-year old college sophomore. I currently attend OCCC, but am transferring to OU next year for a business adminstration degree. I am originally from the Kansas City area, and moved here 2 years ago for school. I love Oklahoma City, the people here are so friendly!

    I look forward to talking with all of you!

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    Default Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    I'm Jeff, a 21-year-old student going into my 4th year of mechanical engineering at OSU in Stillwater. I have always been interested in OKC development, I actually served on the inaugural class of the OKC youth council in '02. I have lived in the northwest part of OKC my whole life, a product of the wonderful Putnam City school system. You may have already or will possibly see me around with a clipboard sketching or painting somewhere in downtown...I try to make it down there when I find the time and spend a good part of the day hanging out and enjoying the city.

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    Default Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    Hi all...this is such a great site. I just discovered it!! I've been in OKC for three years now with two children. We love this wonderful city and all the fun attractions (we just went to the Omniplex last weekend!). I look forward to talking with ya'll!!

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    Default Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    Hello, I am DCSooner. I am a Lawton native and 1977 OU graduate now living in the Washington, DC area. I get back "home" to Oklahoma 2-3 times a year to visit family.

  22. Default Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    Hello everyone, glad to find this site. Nice to have somewhere people in this area can come to talk. I have lived in OKC area since I was 10. Lived alot of other places since then, but always come back. I love this place. Went to school in Midwest City-Del City.

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    KristenK Guest

    Default Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    Hey Hows it going my name is Kristen...Im 26 I just moved from Dallas to Verden.. Big Change.. So im looking for a place to chat and meet new people...

  24. Default Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    You have come to the right place welcome aboard jump in anytime and post away.

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    Default Re: "Roll Call" - Introduce yourself

    Hello newbie from Edmond. Great site!

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