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    I'm sorry if this seems a little stupid, but I have noticed when I purchase tortillas that they have a new "Baby" sized tortilla labeled for "Street Tacos". The stupid thing is barely large enough to be used for chip and dip. I have had street tacos in Tijuana, Juarez, and Matamoros and they were normal sized. I thought of these things as taco sliders because they were so small. Does anybody really make tacos with these things? I always use beef, onions, lettuce, jalapeños, habaneros, cheese and of course salsa and I wouldn't be able to put all that stuff on one of these. I know, if I don't like the size, I shouldn't worry about it, but I'm really curious and wonder if anybody really uses these things for tacos.
    C. T.

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    I can polish off about 5 or 6 of those little tacos that they sell from the taco trucks, they usually get 1 buck per, and come with some of those pickled carrot slabs, jalapenos on the side.

    I've not purchased those little tortillas though when making my own fwiw.

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    I love me some little street tacos. I've typically seen them served with 2 tortillas stacked on top of each other and jam packed with the delicious taco innards. I usually just split the 2 shells a bit and extend the taco to a more normal size that doesn't have as much of the ingredients falling out.

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    I guess I'm a little out of touch. I have eaten at Big Truck Tacos (their store on 23rd, not their truck) and I don't remember tiny little tacos, they were normal size soft tacos. I think I might use the street taco tortillas for small tostadas and possibly cut them in thirds for deep frying to make nachos. Normally when I make nachos, I cut the full size tortillas into fourths for deep frying.
    C. T.

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    BIg Truck defnitely isn't tiny.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomas Vu View Post
    BIg Truck defnitely isn't tiny.
    Thanks, I didn't remember that they were but I am an old guy my memory probably isn't what it was. It's been about a year since I have eaten there (since I moved to MWC), but I did enjoy their tacos. I will try to get over there again soon, I have missed there tacos.
    C. T.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thomas Vu View Post
    BIg Truck defnitely isn't tiny.
    nor a dollar each

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