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    Default Re: Take 5 Oil Change

    lol, such terrible business practice. The hustle has to be a subtle art.

    I will say that I’m a true believer in fully synthetics. 6,000 miles and it still looks clean when it comes out. I don’t do my own anymore...it’s crazy expensive vs the $20 bucks I could spend going to the parts store, most of the time twice because I didn’t drain the oil (to dispose of) before going. But all my scooters and cycles can just sit forever until I hit the 6,000 mile mark. It’s definitely miracle oil.

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    Default Re: Take 5 Oil Change

    I had a really good experience at Take 5 (40th & May).

    I had last been about 6 months ago and it seems they've changed some things. This time, they merely told me about some add-ons, like wiper blades. But absolutely no hard sell.

    Also, near the end of the service they had me start the car and hold revs while they checked for pressure and any leaks.

    It was super quick and really well done.

    The only downside to staying in the car that on a hot day, it's pretty uncomfortable while you wait for them to finish.

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