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    Default Guthrie Development

    Starting the thread off with sh!tty news.


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    Guthrie is such a cool town. My mom's side of the family used to run/operate the old Masonic Children's home. So growing up (in Edmond), that part of the family lived/lives in Guthrie. We would sneak into that building all the time. My mom spent a ton of time there in her youth, so in my teens, when I would take my Edmond friends up there, I was able to tell them what just about every room was used for. Also is was incredibly creepy.

    But now it's totally refurbished as the Dominion House or something. Its absolutely beautiful.

    Downtown Guthrie is one of the coolest spots in the entire state to just walk through. Check out all the antiques and shopping and cool mom and pop restaurants. Also the way the Guthrie high school football field and baseball field were built together is super SUPER weird. If you guys ever get the chance to check it out, do so. I played many baseball games there and I have refereed many football games there. Pretty fun.

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    What does the article say?

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    Default Re: Guthrie Development

    My wife and I were born at this Hospital........ a long time ago.

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