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    One of the Internet's most popular retailers is opening a brick and mortar location in Oklahoma City.

    ThinkGeek, ranked #175 on the Internet Top Retailer List, will soon open a store in Penn Square Mall.

    A majority of products sold on ThinkGeek are heavily related to Internet culture and most of ThinkGeek's merchandise is licensed from various science fiction and fantasy media franchises.

    The 2,255 square foot store will be located upstairs near Dillard's, next to Payless Shoes and Yankee Candle.

    ThinkGeek currently has stores in Miami, Orlando, Raleigh, New York, West Nyack, NY, and Dallas/Fort Worth, Humble, San Antonio, and Sugar Land, in Texas.

    The company is opening a store in Tulsa's Woodland Hills Mall on September 23rd.

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    I've been buying stuff from the online store for years, I'm pretty excited for this.

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    I had no idea they had physical stores. Interesting that they are going with brick and mortar locations, especially considering that most are going away from that model.

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    I think it's cool they're opening. I'm sort of surprised that they don't just sell their products out of their parent company's (Gamestop) stores. But it's a good score for an already awesome mall. When I heard Tulsa was getting one I figured we'd probably get one as well. Glad I was right.

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    Won't be hard to find my SiL on his lunch breaks anymore.

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    I posted about this on Facebook and it absolutely blew up.

    700 shares, almost 100K people reached.

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    I didn't see an opening date for this location, is that available yet Pete?

    **eta Thank you!
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    Quote Originally Posted by tfvc.org View Post
    I didn't see an opening date for this location, is that available yet Pete?
    No, they just filed their building permit.

    2-3 months is my best guess but I'm sure they'll be jamming to get open before Christmas.

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    Finally, a place to get replacement Interocitor parts!

    Getting harder to find than common sense on facebook!

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