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Thread: Durant Development

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    Default Durant Development

    For some reason the JR posted like 3 stories about new development in Durant, but it's nice to see the region growing.


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    Default Re: Durant Development

    What are those articles about, plupan?

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    Default Re: Durant Development

    Great to see my hometown still growing! The Choctaw Nation's new headquarters and Regional Medical Clinic have recently started construction. When the headquarters opens, that'll free up about 30 properties that the tribe currently leases throughout Durant.

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    At this point in his career I don't think Durant has much left to develop in his game, but I was very impressed with his defense in the playoffs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ljbab728 View Post
    What are those articles about, plupan?
    The first one is about a new movie night that might designate the surrounding area to become the city's art district. The second one is about two new fairly large employers who have located operations in the city limits. The last one is about new trails the city has installed.

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    Default Re: Durant Development

    I know several people who work at Choctaw Casino Resort and there are plans for another expansion, including a third hotel tower.

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    Default Re: Durant Development

    ^ That's awesome! The upgrade of 69/75 is definitely much needed.

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    Default Re: Durant Development

    I'm excited to see it happen although I have yet to visit Durant but I will change that with my next visit to Dallas when I'm back in Oklahoma for a week.

    Some more info on it here: https://www.ok.gov/triton/modules/ne...ticle_id=23420

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    Default Re: Durant Development

    Wasn't there a steel mill being built in Durant?

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    Default Re: Durant Development

    Has the city of Durant filed a motion yet for a name change?

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    Default Re: Durant Development

    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisHayes View Post
    Wasn't there a steel mill being built in Durant?
    Yes, ground was broken on Commercial Metals Company back in late April.

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    Default Re: Durant Development

    Quote Originally Posted by catch22 View Post
    Has the city of Durant filed a motion yet for a name change?
    . . . maybe just add a hyphen "Du-rant"

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    Default Re: Durant Development

    The old Bryan County Jail in downtown Durant has been bought by a great friend of mine (she was also my middle school art teacher). She'll convert the old jail into an art studio as she has outgrown her current location. Very exciting!

    Here's the story: http://durantdemocrat.com/news/local...ome-art-studio

    And here it is on Google Maps: https://www.google.com/maps/@33.9912...!3m1!1e3?hl=en

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    Default Re: Durant Development

    Jimmy's Egg opened in Durant this year on November 7th! Petsense had their grand opening in the same, new shopping center back in September.



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    Default Re: Durant Development

    The 500,000 sq. ft. Choctaw Nation Headquarters topped out on Friday, November 18, 2016. The headquarters is expected to be complete by the end of 2017.


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    Default Re: Durant Development

    Construction is nearing completion on the Choctaw Nation Regional Medical Clinic. The grand opening is expected to be in February 2017. It will be a LEED certified building.


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    Default Re: Durant Development

    Thank you for the update. Glad to see some cool projects here!

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    Default Re: Durant Development

    Quote Originally Posted by catch22 View Post
    Has the city of Durant filed a motion yet for a name change?
    Just change the spelling to match the pronunciation:


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    Default Re: Durant Development


    Cardinal Glass recently completed a 115,000 sf expansion. An 88,000 sf expansion to the Tile Shop is in progress. BrucePac (meat producer) plans to add another 150 jobs for a total of 300. Hitchcock Distributing started site work on their new $4 million facility in November 2016. Webstaurant is moving to Durant and will create up to 120 jobs by the end of 2017. New off/on ramps from Hwy 70 to East Main St have begun construction to serve the CMC plant, currently under-construction.

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    Default Re: Durant Development

    Clark Associates, the company that owns WebsturantStore, is just adding another distribution warehouse to their network; they hope to start moving products out the doors to customers by summer. http://www.clarkassociatesinc.biz/letter17.html

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    ^ Thanks for that.

    A coffee shop opens soon in downtown Durant's Wilson Building, aka the Opera House. It was built in 1901 and was the site of Durant's first court hearings. It was converted to an opera house in 1908 and then served as a post office from 1915-1919. It has since been home to many businesses in the last century.

    The shop will be called Opera House Coffee.

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    Default Re: Durant Development

    I was in Durant last Monday and Tuesday and took these photos of the new Choctaw Nation Headquarters:

    Here is a video from the OKC architecture firm FSB:

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