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    Default Perry Wrestling - A Tradition of Excellence

    Today I made a trip to visit my grandmothers in Stillwater, and a visit to my original hometown (or at least where I spent the first half of my life), Perry. I was driving around town giving a tour to my wife when I saw this recent addition to the town square. Thought I'd share because I thought it was cool. Many of you will know that Perry has always been dominant at wrestling, and always something of pride for the city. I haven't lived there in 15+ years and still something I talk about with people when we talk about where we are from. Anyways a cool little tribute to Perry's outstanding wrestling legacy.

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    Default Re: Perry Wrestling - A Tradition of Excellence

    Cool. I didn't know that about Perry. Thanks for sharing.

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    Default Re: Perry Wrestling - A Tradition of Excellence

    Go Maroons! All of my family lives in Perry! My dad wrestled in high school and one of my cousins is currently wrestling there. Great, great program.
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