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The Kale and Pomegranate Salad at Whiskey Cake is the best salad I've ever had. Not to mention, if I'm eating kale, it totally negates the cake I eat afterwards, yes?
Wow. Had this salad last weekend. Got it to go and it was pretty expensive ($13) for a rather small portion. Perhaps you get more if you dine-in (I have experienced this at many restaurants). So what we did, is order one salad with extra dressings and came home and added our own greens to stretch it out and make it a good portion for two. Let me tell you, this is one excellent salad. Great flavors, great dressing. I highly recommend this one; it's the best of the recommendations I have received above. (The taco salad at The Garage is a very close second!) Go get the Kale and Pomegranate salad at Whiskey Cake!