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Thread: Crack down on negativity

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    Default Crack down on negativity

    We try very hard not to ban anyone from the forums but that strategy has created an environment where a handful of people have brought largely nothing but negativity to the site.

    Since moving back to OKC and meeting many more community leaders and citizens in person, I have been bombarded by the overall impression that the site is too negative, to the point most of the great information, discussion and ideas are largely lost.

    Therefore, if you are just here to complain constructive criticism is always welcome and a valued part of any discussion you are going to get a vacation from this site.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me directly and thanks to the hundreds that make OKCTalk such a great resource.

    ~ Pete

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    Default Re: Crack down on negativity

    From Steve Lackmeyer's chat yesterday.

    Gee, I wonder who wrote this and also completely mis-characterized our stance?

    Guest11:49 AMSteve, a competing online site has recently taken the initiative to ban all negative comments and thoughts regarding OKC and developments happening here. While negativity for the sake of negativity is a bad thing, do you think criticism of bad developments and of the city when they drop the ball can be a good thing and can influence change? Do you think criticism of things like lack of attention to smaller details (streetlights, placemaking, corner massing in developments, etc) in Bricktown and Deep Deuce can be a positive thing? Is it wrong to complain that there is no quality full-service grocery store anywhere near downtown or even in the urban core? Or, should we just stick our heads in the sand and act like everything is perfect in OKC and there is nothing that can be improved?

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