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Thread: Window Replacement Recommendation

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    Default Window Replacement Recommendation

    I want to get the windows replaced in my house.

    Any companies you would recommend or not recommend from your experience? Why?

    I have lived in OKC for a few years and not too familiar with the contractors in the area.

    Thanks for the help.

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    I'm sorry I don't have a recommended contractor for you, but would like to suggest one thing: pay attention to which part of town you're in and if in an older area do independent research to determine whether there are any restrictions on what type of replacements are appropriate. This will help you find a qualified contractor and to communicate your specific requirements.

    I say this only because many window contractors are either ignorant to the requirements of some neighborhoods, or purely unscrupulous. Many of them are simply in it to sell windows, not to give you the best fit for your specific situation. Unethical ones might obfuscate with tales of energy efficiency and have no interest in telling you about window refurbishing techniques that often can get you very similar results, sometimes for far less money.

    Many a homeowner has been taken in by the sales pitch, swapped out all of their windows, and then found out after the fact that what they paid for doesn't comply with HP or other requirements that the city WILL enforce. This can be extremely expensive and an awful experience.

    All of it can be avoided by first figuring out if those conditions exist for your neighborhood. If so, don't fret. There are lots of great techniques, appropriate replacements and experienced contractors. If not, I wish you well in finding someone good.

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    Default Re: Window Replacement Recommendation

    I have several reasons why I like Thermal Windows Inc. First, they will tell you the price per running inch over the phone if you prefer to do an estimate before calling them to officially measure your windows. Second, their windows are very good, I've had them for over 21 years. When I bought mine, they didn't have their life time warranty, mine were on a 20 year warranty. I called them for service when I had just passed the 21 years and they didn't charge me for the work (minor) that they did. And a couple of years ago when hail damaged four of my screens, I told them to bill me because my insurance was paying for the replacement and they didn't bill me. Their screens aren't warranted for hail/storm damage, but that didn't seem to matter to them. Also, as soon as the windows were installed, the silence in our home was "deafening" and some cool/hot spots we had before installation were gone. I didn't watch my utility bills carefully to see the change but it was obvious because they did go down, I just didn't know how much. I had already had two companies come to my home and almost threatened me that if I didn't buy their windows that night that the world would come to an end. I threw both of those salesman out of my house. One of them called back several times and promised he could sell us the windows for the original price that was "only good for that night". During that time, we called Thermal Windows back and asked them to give us an estimate and it was almost exactly what my wife and I had come up with after following their instructions. When he was done, he asked if we wanted him to schedule the installation and we said we would call him soon and let him know. He very nicely packed up and left. No threats about price only being good that night or anything. We called back the next day and asked them to schedule installation. We have always been happy with the product and the customer care. I can't say they are cheap, but I believe I can say they are competitive and they do take care of their customers. Probably better than any company I have dealt with in my long life.
    C. T.

    I should mention that I believe their screens are warrantied against hail/storm damage, but I still wanted to pay since I had been paid by my insurance company.

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    Default Re: Window Replacement Recommendation


    Choose windows in the category and that should give you a good start. This is the local home building association, with a pretty extensive list of quality providers. Anytime I'm looking to start a project related with my home , I check here first.
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    Default Re: Window Replacement Recommendation

    Thank you for the very helpful information.

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    Default Re: Window Replacement Recommendation

    I second C.T on calling Thermal Windows Inc. We had a great experience with them. I pulled all of my measurements, called them and they sent out a rep to measure as well and bring us a few samples to look at. We had checked out their showroom previous. The company rep was low pressure, and the installers were great. With our window purchase, we received a matching full view storm door for the front door at no extra charge, but installation was supposed to be extra. When the installers were finished with the windows, they went ahead and installed the storm door at no extra charge "since they were there".

    Later on, the new big picture window on the front of the house cracked by itself ... it was under stress after the installation, and they came out and replaced it at no charge . .... Great experience, and would do it again.

    Additionally, at the same time we were shopping different companies to do this job, we had Terrell's come out to see what they had to offer. They sent out two high pressure salesmen to double team my wife and I. ... we wound up kicking them out of our house. I would never use them for anything.

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    Default Re: Window Replacement Recommendation

    I'm looking to replace the windows in my house and wanted to put this question back out there. Looks like Thermal Windows had a couple of good recommendations back in 2016. Anyone have any other companies, good or bad, to consider?

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    Default Re: Window Replacement Recommendation

    I'm also in the beginning stages of shopping. Always see the Thermal Windows commercial and like what I see.

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    Default Re: Window Replacement Recommendation

    Quote Originally Posted by kswright29 View Post
    I'm looking to replace the windows in my house and wanted to put this question back out there. Looks like Thermal Windows had a couple of good recommendations back in 2016. Anyone have any other companies, good or bad, to consider?
    My brother in law used Fuller siding and windows and they did a great job.

    I paid half up front in june to get my entire duplex windows replaced and they are still waiting for all the supplies to do the job.

    Edit: Just called and they said everything will be in around the 6th and they do installs on weekends so that is good. She said what takes so long is the tempered glass as far as supply issues.

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