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Thread: Locksmith recommendation

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    Anybody worked with a locksmith they particularly liked? Thanks again.

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    Tech lock on Classen

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    I use Ed Humes in Edmond. 307 W. 2nd St. ... 341-1102

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    Strong recommendation for Tech-Lock on Classen at 18th. I've used them multiple times per year for well over a decade. They're excellent.

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    . . if you looking further north. . .Lakeside Lock and Safe, 77th and N May, west side of the street.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Urbanized View Post
    Strong recommendation for Tech-Lock on Classen at 18th. I've used them multiple times per year for well over a decade. They're excellent.
    Yeah. Same here.

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    I've used Tech-Lock a few times over the years as well - except I used the location on SW 59th (at Kentucky Ave). Can't recommend them enough. Great guys that do a great job and don't break the bank.

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    As mentioned earlier either Tech-Lock location and Lakeside are all good. Lakeside can do a couple of things like punch-cut high-security keys that Tech-Lock doesn't have the machine to do. Other than that all three stores have done well for me.

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    A neighbor about a block up the street from me does business as American Trident which makes me suspect he might be a former SEAL. I've never done business with him but he would be my first choice if I needed a locksmith -- at least the first time, anyway. He might be mobile-based; his truck is often in his drive in the middle of the day.

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    Thank you, trusted OKCTalkers for your recommendations. Called out Tech Lock today to meet me at a rental property. They were there early and had finished all of the work before I even arrived. And it was very reasonable. Really grateful for your advice.

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