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Thread: Plumber recommendation?

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    Default Plumber recommendation?

    The plumber I have used for several years has stopped doing repair calls and is sticking with new construction. Thus, I need a recommendation for a plumber that is fair/reasonable and most importantly....can get out the same day for emergencies. I live SW OKC by airport.

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    Mr. Rooter has done a good job for us over many years. I think they dispatch to us from Reno and Council area which I'm not far from.

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    Professional plumbing services are the only plumbers I use. They're on 10th & Ann arbor. They have 4 crews, own 2 of their own backhoes, and do anything from tub faucets to sewer and water main taps and 2000 gallon grease interceptors. They're really busy this time of year. I called them yesterday and they couldn't be out until Monday for a small job. But usually they're on the spot and if it's an emergency they work late at time + a half. The owner told me he'll come out in the night but he charges Holliday rates...which I don't dare to imagine. Anyways, they're really smart, and get things done. Two master and several journeyman on staff.

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    Jamie @ Hi-Tech plumbing

    Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect - serving Edmond & Oklahoma City


    This is one recommendation, that I can stand on for life. Not only are they at the forefront of technology in this particular field, but the company is run and operated by one of the finest gentleman I've ever met. If you want the job done right, and have it completed by professionals that know what they're doing, you should atleast give them a call. I might sound like someone who is just pumping them up for personal benefit, but it couldn't be further from the truth. I've used them many times on my rental properties, and have always been happy. But several summers ago, my sister in law/bro in law, had a MAJOR issue at their house. They had two different companies come out and quote, and it was somewhere in the $4,500 range. (Had to tear out flooring, and dig etc...) Insurance wouldn't help them out at all. I told them to call Hi-Tech, to see what they could do. After they came out for the estimate, it was explained to them, that the first two bids were both companies using outdated technology/materials, and that they could do the same job with the latest/greatest materials for a fraction of the cost. They ended up doing the same job, without tearing up any flooring for $800, with a 10 year guarantee.

    I'm a believer in this company.

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    Ray's Sewer Service has always taken good care of us. 842-0073.

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