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    This Friday on KAUT Ch43, Crime Watch Daily with Chris Hansen will be featuring a special on the Daniel Holtzclaw case.

    This should be positive for Daniel Holtzclaw, as up to this point Crime Watch Daily has been very one-sided and unmoved to report anything but prosecution and accuser rhetoric.

    After their producers agreed to review much of the discovery evidence in my possession, they acknowledged their reporting thus far had not been completely fair nor balanced. They have since actually made several visits to OKC and spoken to myself, Michelle Malkin, the Holtzclaw family and a local news reporter (Ali Meyer ch4).

    Last I heard, the Oklahoma City Police Dept. and the Oklahoma County District Attorney's office have both refused to participate in this special (yet, they had no problem participating in previous stories when the reporting was one-sided). I have personally written to encourage the OCPD to participate so that both sides will be fairly represented. I do not know if they ever gave in. I know they've reached out to accusers and jurors.

    I am told the special will be broken down into three segments; Prosecution's version, the defense's version and finally a panel discussion.

    I'm told Nancy Grace is one of the main panelist. I imagine she will take the prosecution's side.

    Locally, Crime Watch Daily airs on KAUT Ch43 at 5am and again at 4pm.Click image for larger version. 

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  2. Default Re: OKC Cop Gets 263 Years For Sex Crimes

    This is the teaser to the Crime Watch Daily special. Though the listing I looked up had the special airing at 5am, that is not true. It does not air locally today until 4pm on KAUT.

  3. Default Re: OKC Cop Gets 263 Years For Sex Crimes

    Crime Watch Daily has posted their special on the Daniel Holtzclaw case to YouTube in four parts.

    The biggest criticism I have of this special is the fact they touted "new evidence" and then failed to deliver. They repeatedly talk about the 17 year old accuser's DNA but never once mention the crux of the appeal is the FACT a male's DNA was also found on the fly of Daniel's uniform pants - which would bolster the theory that the DNA is all just transfer DNA. CWD intentionally left this out.

    Part One: The Prosecution

    Couple of interesting points:

    1.) Despite the clips from OCPD, it appears they did not participate much in this special and CWD relied on previous clips from old news casts. Since the Michelle Malkin piece OCPD and the DA's office have refused to talk publicly about the case.

    2.) Again they mention Daniel shutting down his patrol car computer/GPS prior to the Ligons stop. Even though they were provided the documents, they fail to mention this regulation was newly enacted and that the officers were only informed via an internal email system and they have no proof Daniel actually ever saw that memo and his GPS history showed he always turned his patrol car GPS off.

    3.) CWD claims that Ligons told Daniel she had taken a puff of two from a joint. This is not true. Daniel had never made that assertion and it's not in the interrogation. Ligons at trial claimed she only took a puff or two from a joint. The night of the incident she told Det. Davis she smoked two joints. The man whose house she was at testified he didn't know Ligons had smoked any pot at all.

    4.) They show a clip of Det. Davis claiming Ligons had no reason/motive to lie because she wasn't given a ticket or arrested. Even though we provided CWD with the proof, they didn't mention that on other occasions Det. Davis admits to the media that there are three recognized motives to make a false accusation against a police officer; To get out of ticket/arrest, to get back at an overly aggressive cop and to cash in and make money. Ligons clearly qualified for two of those motives.

    5.) CWD claims when Holtzclaw returned to work they were waiting for him in the interrogation room. This is not true. At line-up it was asked if anyone had pulled someone over earlier that morning at 50th and Lincoln. Hotlzclaw immediately said he did. He was then driven to police headquarters and interrogated.

    6.) Det. Davis asserts that Holtzclaw's guilt was evident in his 'robot' and 'emotionless' demeanor during questioning. What she doesn't mention is that he had been investigated in 19 prior occasions for use of force (in one case a person died). In those interviews he was emotionless too and yet was cleared in each case.

    7.) CWD points out that accuser Terri Morris claims she was assaulted outside of Daniel's patrol area. They never clarify that she admitted later she lied.

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    Part Two: The Prosecution

    Couple of interesting points:

    1.) Shardayreon Hill states that Daniel friended her on Facebook and asked her to come to his house. What CWD left out; The court transcript is clear, while she made those allegations, the Facebook records clearly show that she was lying. The only communication was Daniel asking her if she was okay, if she was staying out of trouble and letting her know she had warrants she needed to take care of before they get more expensive. She also claimed Daniel called her and had inappropriate conversations. Their phone records at trial showed she was lying about that too. Daniel was also acquitted of all 6 of her allegations.

    2.) Det. Davis claims that the GPS in each incident was "dead on every time" to the accusers allegations. This is 100% not true. In many cases the GPS actually showed the women to be lying. When this was pointed out at trial, Det. Davis said the women must be remembering it wrong.

  5. Default Re: OKC Cop Gets 263 Years For Sex Crimes

    Part Three: The Defense

    Couple of interesting points:

    1.) CWD edited the interview audio of Sherry Ellis (at timeframe 5:06) to make her description of her attacker's height more closely match Daniel's true height. In the video they have Ellis describing her attacker as a black male. However, then the audio has Det. Davis asking how tall Ellis' attacker was. In CWD's version, Ellis simply states 5 foot 11. In reality, Ellis stands up and, with her hand, indicates her attacker is shorter than her by several inches. When asked how tall she is, Ellis responds "5 foot 11." CWD intentionally edited this footage and I find it journalistically unethical.

    2.) CWD again brings up the fact that Daniel turned off his patrol car's GPS and computer. CWD again fails to clarify that the court record is clear - that rule had only recently been enacted and that the prosecution admitted they could not prove Daniel even knew about the new policy.

  6. Default Re: OKC Cop Gets 263 Years For Sex Crimes

    Part Four: The Defense

    Couple of interesting points:

    1.) CWD claims the defense's problem with the GPS was that is could be inaccurate. That's really not true. While there is certainly admitted issues with the overall accuracy of GPS/AVL the major issue was that the GPS often did not match the accuser's allegations, despite OCPD claiming it did.

    2.) One of the most important parts of this entire special was the quote by juror Danny Speaks. He clearly says he believed he was told the DNA came from ******l fluid and that's hoe it got onto Daniel's uniform pants. That is 100% not true. The DNA expert said they had no way of knowing how or when the DNA was transferred. The ******l fluid comment came from the prosecutor and it was the last thing the jurors heard before going into deliberations.

  7. Default Re: OKC Cop Gets 263 Years For Sex Crimes

    The Oklahoman's Adam Kemp was awarded the Great Plains Writer of the year award for his longform "Hunting Holtzclaw" series...

    It's unfortunate that what Kemp wrote passes as journalism - let alone award winning journalism.

    Kemp spent four hours at my home office going through any discovery materials he wanted to see. He specially asked to see reports where Det. Davis refused to allow accusers to be shown photo lineups (for fear they would be unable to pick Holtzclaw out). He also asked to see the numerous examples of where the accuser's allegations did not match the evidence nor Holtzclaw's patrol car GPS. Kemp was shown numerous direct examples that cast doubt upon the theory of the prosecution - and even examples where the detectives maliciously falsified information - and he refused to write about a single one.

    Kemp listened to the audio interview of accuser Carla Raines and heard her 7 times say she was not a victim until Det. Gregory coerced her into claiming to be a victim. Kemp was shown how Det. Gregory's official police report did not list a single time Raines denied being a victim.

    Kemp listened to accuser Hill's quote - that she made after she thought the interview was over - about how "even if he didn't really rape anyone..."

    Yet, Adam Kemp refused to report on any of it.

    I professed publicly then that Kemp's series was nothing more than a way to stroke the OCPD and win some awards - I was 100% correct.

    From my May 2016 reaction article; "...this series is not about uncovering fact. It's about being entered into journalism award competitions and currying favor for The Oklahoman with the police department and district attorneys office."

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Adam Kemp Oklahoman Holtzclaw Reaction Quote.jpg 
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    This is my reaction piece to Kemp's series (published May 2016).

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    Default Re: OKC Cop Gets 263 Years For Sex Crimes

    I can't find any lyrics yet, but At The Drive-In have a new album out, and one of the songs is "Holtzclaw" i can make out "I never take no, no for an answer", though.

  9. Default Re: OKC Cop Gets 263 Years For Sex Crimes

    Interesting Court Update: On 5/4/2017 the prosecution filed a motion and accompanying material under seal "on the grounds that such material and motion discussing it contains confidential information protected from public disclosure by Oklahoma law."

    All that I've learned is that the information is considered 'privileged' and was 'not available prior to trial.' Beyond that, no idea.

    At this point it is even sealed from Holtzclaw's defense counsel until a judge makes a ruling.

    Could range from "absolutely insignificant" to "game changer."

  10. Default Re: OKC Cop Gets 263 Years For Sex Crimes

    KOKH Fox25's Phil Cross did a story last night on some odd updates regarding the Daniel Holtzclaw case and secrecy of the state of Oklahoma....

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    Default Re: OKC Cop Gets 263 Years For Sex Crimes

    putting my tinfoil hat on for a minute... At the Drive-In were supposed to play the Criterion next Tuesday - they have a song called "Holtzclaw" on their new album - An article in the Gazette about them and the song appeared yesterday ( http://okgazette.com/2017/06/07/cedr...m-in-17-years/ ) - last night the Criterion show unexplainably gets canceled, while all other shows on the tour are still going on. Maybe some relation between the band/venue/OKC police not wanting to play nice together? (takes tinfoil hat off...)

  12. Default Re: OKC Cop Gets 263 Years For Sex Crimes

    The secret motions and hearings mentioned in the Fox25 piece, two posts up, occurred this past Monday and Tuesday in Judge Henderson's courtroom. The public was not given prior notice and nobody was allowed in the courtroom.

    The rumor mill has naturally been running wild. Hopefully some facts will emerge soon.

    The biggest rumor at this point is that it somehow involves the state's female DNA expert. *unconfirmed

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    Default Re: OKC Cop Gets 263 Years For Sex Crimes

    This doesn't pass the smell test.

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    Default Re: OKC Cop Gets 263 Years For Sex Crimes

    BBates, I heard on the news that this secret meeting involved the judge and the prosecution, but the defense was not invited. Is this true?

  15. Default Re: OKC Cop Gets 263 Years For Sex Crimes

    Quote Originally Posted by rezman View Post
    BBates, I heard on the news that this secret meeting involved the judge and the prosecution, but the defense was not invited. Is this true?
    Yes, 100% true. The prosecution filed a motion under seal - sealed even from the defendant and his attorney. They would not tell Daniel's attorney what the motion was about and would not let him know when the hearing would be and he could not attend. The public was also barred from the hearing.

    The hearing was held Monday and Tuesday in Judge Henderson's courtroom. The windows were blocked and a deputy denied anyone entrance. I'm told a member of the public defender's officer tried to enter the room but was denied.

    I'm told those present were members of DA Prater's office and a member(s) of the AG's office.

    There is apparently a transcript of the proceedings because a court reporter was also present.

    My understanding is that this hearing will eventually make its way back to the court of criminal appeals. The CCA will then make a ruling. They may continue to keep this entire matter secret or they may disclose what this was all about.

    I've been told it's 'privileged' information and that's why all the secrecy. I know the media has asked what law allows this to all be done in secret and so far neither the judge, the DA's office nor the AG's office has responded.

    Surprisingly there has been very little rumor or leak regarding this matter. The rumor that has gotten the most attention is that it has to do with the DNA testing. Though none of that has been confirmed. I personally don't give credibility to any of the rumors - we simply don't have enough facts. This could range from 'nothing' to 'huge' or somewhere in between. Regardless, I don't like that this process is not transparent and that no clarifications are being made by those in the know.

  16. Default Re: OKC Cop Gets 263 Years For Sex Crimes

    KWTV 9 and FOX25 did updated stories tonight on the secret hearings...

    KWTV News Channel 9

    Most important thing revealed is that the OKC police department's forensic lab supervisor Campbell Ruddock was present for much of the hearing. This may confirm the rumors that the secret hearings are about problems with the forensic lab and the DNA evidence. The OCPD DNA expert, Elaine Taylor, reportedly worked with disgraced former forensic chemist Joyce Gilchrist.


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    Default Re: OKC Cop Gets 263 Years For Sex Crimes

    Procedurally, this has to create some major issues. I don't know anywhere in the criminal code (and to be honest, I haven't ever had a reason to look for what the procedure for something like this is) which allows post-conviction ex parte hearings involving just the state and the Court. On the other hand, I don't know what procedural due process someone is entitled to after being convicted by a jury.

    I know that to be entitled to evidentiary hearing based on exculpatory evidence discovered subsequent to trial, petitioner must show evidence is material, it could not with due diligence have been discovered before trial, it is not cumulative, and it creates reasonable probability that outcome of trial will be changed; it is not enough that evidence merely tends to discredit or impeach witness without some probability that trial result would be changed.

    I would wonder whether the State is attempting to get a ruling before presenting its problem evidence that it was some sort of harmless error? If there's a problem with the DNA, considering the credibility issues of many of these victims, I'd have to think that's a pretty hard sale.

    And I wonder whether it'd be worth exploring through the federal courts whether Holtzclaw's procedural due process rights are being violated in allowing the State to participate in post-conviction hearings without providing notice or the opportunity to participate in the proceedings to Holtzclaw's attorneys. In civil cases (whole 'nother world, but the same procedural due process concepts tend to apply) to be granted ex parte relief, you have to make a pretty strong showing, then the other side gets to have a hearing within a fairly short period of time.

  18. Default Re: OKC Cop Gets 263 Years For Sex Crimes

    The fact this hearing took a full two days (longer than many trials and most preliminary hearings) and the fact the Deputy Chief, Chief Civil Litigator and the head of the forensics lab were all there, tends to tell me this will be hard to sell to the courts and public as "harmless error."

    Regardless, I'm extremely interested to hear the facts surrounding this hearing.

  19. Default Re: OKC Cop Gets 263 Years For Sex Crimes

    Some of the stories regarding the secret Daniel Holtzclaw Hearings...


    Part 1

  20. Default Re: OKC Cop Gets 263 Years For Sex Crimes

    Part 2

    *First time it's revealed that the OCPD forensic lab supervisor attended the hearing.

  21. Default Re: OKC Cop Gets 263 Years For Sex Crimes


    Part 1

    *Gives a good overview of the secrecy surrounding the hearings.

  22. Default Re: OKC Cop Gets 263 Years For Sex Crimes

    Part 2

  23. Default Re: OKC Cop Gets 263 Years For Sex Crimes

    Part 3

  24. Default Re: OKC Cop Gets 263 Years For Sex Crimes

    I was a guest on the Pat Campbell radio show out of Tulsa this morning. They do a weekly update on the Daniel Holtzclaw case. Usually Michelle Malkin is the guest, however, when she is unavailable I step in.

    You can listen below....


  25. Default Re: OKC Cop Gets 263 Years For Sex Crimes

    I created this page on my HoltzclawTrial.com website to provide complete coverage of the secret 2-day hearing


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