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Thread: Bryant Square

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    The word on another chat is that they doubled rents. The steak house is gone too. CC is moving also from the word on that chat. They still seem to be insisting that it Costco coming in. I'm thinking that the rent doubling is to vacate the place in order to do updates/tear downs and so get a better rent out of the place. It needs rehab.

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    Right, just upgrading and raising rents accordingly.

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    Even if not Costco I still wish they'd tear this thing down and rework the whole site. Putting lipstick on a pig is about you can do with this since the parking lot accounts for at least half of the problem imo.

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    Any chance that a grocery store might take up some lease space? Maybe down the road if Lidl comes to Oklahoma. They are suppose to be opening their first store sometime in 2016.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zookeeper View Post
    This must be pretty old. They treated Bob March of House of Vacuums like crap in informing him they were not renewing his lease. He'd only been there 35 years. Anyway, he had to move and is already at the new location, but it's still shown on the map above.

    Daylight Donuts and Jazzercise are still showing as well but they were told they aren't being renewed either. Oh, and Tuesday Morning is still on their map - so this is really outdated.
    What does 35 years have to do with anything? Would it somehow be better if he'd only been there 15 years? Business is business.

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    I drove by earlier this week and noticed Mackie Mackays, or whatever it's called, is gone. They've got a big banner across the front saying they lost their lease.

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    The owners have confirmed this is not a Costco

    “A new restaurant is currently under negotiation there. And the owners have confirmed that COSTCO is not going to be at that location,” Yowell said. “I will dispel that rumor. We can find another place for COSTCO but it’s not going to be and Second and Bryant.”

    - Despite economy, Edmond businesses branch out - The Edmond Sun: News
    While not surprising it is sad. This whole area needs a huge rehab and Bryant Square needs to be completely demoed and reworked as well as the apartments behind it.

    PS, as per the planning commission, they are going to redo a bunch of signage here. They are permanently removing some signage and completely rebuilding some others.


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    It appears they are going for a remodel and a pretty big one to the tune of several million dollars. So I don't know exactly whether they plan to completely redo the parking lot, but there are hints at it as they claim a better traffic flow system for it and also hinted at some new landscaping by the mention of Redbud trees.

    Change is coming to Bryant Square with a multimillion dollar renovation this year at the southeast corner of Bryant and Second Street.

    The process took a step forward this week when the Edmond Planning Commission agreed 4-0 to recommend a request for sign variances to reflect upgrades that Inven Trust Properties proposes at the site.

    The goal is to create a new center that will attract a higher quality tenant to establish business in a higher upscale property,” said architect Lawrence Levinson, principal and founder of Levinson Alcoser Associates Architects of Houston.

    Plans call for the removal of some of the buildings including Firestone, Mackie McNear’s Steakhouse and Cici’s Pizza, said Bob Schiermeyer, city planner.

    Inven Trust Properties would like a variance to install a new 40-foot sign encompassing 450 square feet on the corner of Bryant and Second Street, Schiermeyer said. It is currently 35 feet tall and 490 square feet.

    The other one on Bryant across from Lowe’s would be the same size. Width of the sign would be one-fourth of the size of the Bryant and Second Street sign and architectural elements would be added to it.

    Mackie McNear’s 25-foot sign will be removed with the demolition of the building. The new sign could be 20 feet tall and 75 square feet, according to code.

    The Firestone store sign will be removed in August without any plans for its replacement. Wall signs will be added with the new building, Schiermeyer said.

    read more here: Bryant Square getting new look - The Edmond Sun: News

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    Also, here is the architects website: Levinson ? Alcoser Associates | Architecture ? Interior Design ? Industrial Planning & Design ? Civil Engineering ? Landscape Architecture

    They seem like a very reputable company with some pretty cool recent projects in Miami. I think this will be a good project for Edmond.

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    Nice article on this from NewsOk. New announced businesses are Ulta Beauty, Five Below, and Zoes Kitchen.

    "They will make changes to the parking lot, infrastructure, facade and adding landscaping. Several new restaurant leases are being negotiated."

    Levinson agreed the parking lot is a big part of the project.

    "We are going to build a parking lot with striping pattern and circulation pattern where you don't kill yourself," Levinson said. "We are going to do a better job of lighting the parking lot."

    Landscaping, a strict requirement for planning officials, will be increased on the almost 29 acres where the shopping center sits.

    "We are adding landscaping," Levinson said. "It is substantially more than it is today.

    "Lastly, we are addressing all the ADA violations on the site. Everything we're doing is addressing the problems with a common theme."

    The architect wants to introduce color in the renovation of the 286,579-square-foot building that was first built in 1970s.

    "Rose-colored brick, along with all pallet colors will be used," Levinson said. "One of the things we are doing is creating a cap running along the top of the center. It is aluminum piece of trim cap that is going to wave its way through the architecture.

    "The buildings right now have a variety of different tops and caps and architecture."

    "There is really no unified architectural theme. Everyone was allowed to do their own thing, build their own thing and it was a detriment to the center."

    - read much more here: New look coming for Edmond's Bryant Square | News OK

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    Anyone know anything about Five Below?

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    Quote Originally Posted by oklip955 View Post
    Anyone know anything about Five Below?
    Everything is priced $5 or less.

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    It appears this will be their first store in Oklahoma.

    Interesting that they are announcing a discount store along with the renovations to attract higher-end tenants.

    This doesn't look bad though.

    Here is their website: https://www.fivebelow.com

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    Yukon is getting one, as well. Market at Czech Hall

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    . . .maybe "upscale" to $ General ??

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    Quote Originally Posted by foodiefan View Post
    . . .maybe "upscale" to $ General ??
    Upscale Dollar General would be a very Edmond thing to do.

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    Landlord plans upgrades at Bryant Square

    By: Sarah Terry-Cobo The Journal Record March 10, 2016

    EDMOND – A retail development at one of Edmond’s busiest intersections will be upgraded soon.

    Edmond Economic Development Authority Associate Director Toni Weinmeister said the Bryant Square Shopping Center’s owner plans to change facades and repair infrastructure.

    “There will be some buildings demolished, and everything will be redone,” she said. Most of the work is expected to be done by the end of the year.

    Weinmeister said the landlord, InvenTrust Properties Corp., plans to repair sewage problems on the property, revamp the parking lot and fix drainage issues that caused problems for some tenants. The retail center was built in phases beginning in 1976 and was completed in 1984. The outdated look previously deterred some potential tenants, she said.

    Several new restaurants have been proposed for the corner of Second Street and Bryant Avenue, including Zoe’s Kitchen, The Joint, Torchy’s and PDQ Chicken. Representatives for Zoe’s have requested changes to the façade, which would make it an attractive place for the Plano, Texas-based Mediterranean fast-casual restaurant, Weinmeister said.

    There is a greater chance more people would stay longer and shop more if there were additional restaurants, she said. There are fast-food restaurants nearby, but there aren’t many choices within the shopping center, aside from the China City Buffet, Los Arcos Mexican restaurant and CiCi’s Pizza. A Daylight Donuts will soon move to a new store about 2 miles away.

    Retail shops like Ulta, Five Feet Below and cellphone store Verizon are also proposed, according to marketing materials available on CBRE’s website.

    Lisa Alexander, spokeswoman for InvenTrust Property Management, said the company was not ready to reveal further details about the development for the buildings the company purchased in 2014.

    Another shopping center redevelopment is bringing in more retail to Edmond, Weinmeister said. The Edmond Market Place near 33rd Street and Boulevard Avenue was upgraded a few years ago. A Natural Grocers opened in September, and Kamp’s 1910 will open soon. She said she expects there will be an increase in the grocery sector’s sales tax report in about six months.

    “We appreciate when people see the value of our community and want to reinvest in it,” Weinmeister said. “It is hard to see putting in so much money in it, but when it is redone people will pay it forward.”

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    I drove by a few days ago and noticed a sign near the southern Bryant entrance that said Five Below coming soon. Then I drove by today and it appeared there had actually been some work started on the center. I was driving down 2nd so I didn't get a good look but it looked like part of the front of the building, in the area where Tuesday Morning had been, had been removed.

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    I have read that Torchy's Tacos has leased a space here. Guess we will soon see what the fuss is about.

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    This site plan also shows Five Guys and PDQ, a chicken place; there are none currently in Oklahoma.


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    When by Five Below's grand opening the other day. Gotta say, definitely an upgrade to the Dollar Store. However, I would not compare it to a Dollar General at all - very little of the same type of merchandise.

    Actually bought a very decent iPad Mini case for $5 and tons of pool toys for cheap.

    Made note of a few things I now know I can run in here and pick up when I need to.

    Definitely nicer inside than the dollar store next door - hope it stays that way. Though, I still get all my mylar balloons at that dollar store.

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    Saw this in the Business Section of DO in the Commercial Transactions article below. It looks like it is a go with Torchy's Taco. This should do well in Edmond! Great food. Much better quality than Fuzzy's in my opinion.

    Last edited by progressiveboy; 07-23-2016 at 10:40 AM. Reason: Forgot to post link

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    New rendering of the pad sites to be built replacing Cici's and a few of the other outdated buildings.


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    Here is the latest site plan:

    Interactive map here: http://inventrust.propertycapsule.co...117/#plans/353

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    PDQ Chicken renderings here: http://agenda.edmondok.com:8085/docs...d%20SP_001.pdf

    Should start soon I'm guessing.

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