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    Default Craziest story I've ever read

    A random number sent me a text with this link in it today. Turned out to be the wrong number, but I read the story anyway.


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    Default Re: Craziest story I've ever read

    "This story is one for the ages".......not hardly.

    I did learn a few things though....
    Proper stripper lingo....
    And never to eat at Hooters again.

    And what's a hoeism?

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    Default Re: Craziest story I've ever read

    not the best idea to click on links from unknown sources though

    just sayin

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    Default Re: Craziest story I've ever read

    Quote Originally Posted by Achilleslastand View Post
    " ,,,
    And what's a hoeism?
    The ties that bind the hearts and souls of hoes together.
    (not too be confused with the physical restraints sometimes used by hoes when they party.)

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