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    Default Traffic on MacArthur

    We live in far SE OKC but drive all over town for the right shopping, food, etc. Last Friday we were driving down N. MacArthur about 1:15 PM and as we approached Reno, the traffic jammed up in all four directions. We sat through multiple cycles at each of the traffic lights. The traffic gods must have felt sorry for us and let us get through the last two lights so we could go east on I-40. The highway traffic wasn't heavy...just that one intersection. Is that just the normal Friday afternoon traffic? Thanks.

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    It's been this way for several years now at that intersection, every day.

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    Default Re: Traffic on MacArthur

    I think a lot of the problem is that stop light at SW 5th. But even without it, there is a ton of traffic there for the Westgate shopping center all the time.

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    Default Re: Traffic on MacArthur

    always a mess. . .I try and use Meridian or Rockwell depending on where I'm heading.

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    Default Re: Traffic on MacArthur

    This may be on the shady side of legality but there are some "back alley" type routes that allow the creative and somewhat adventurous driver to avoid the very heart of that and other intersections. And, Google or Bing maps, or what ever it is on your smartphone can help you find them. Not that I would ever utilize them.

    That truly is one of my "avoid whenever possible" intersections. I've commented on it before. It's grown progressively worse for years and years. Ah, the good old days when Mac Arthur was a two-lane road running past the Hamby's farm.

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    Default Re: Traffic on MacArthur

    I went to that AT&T store ONCE on the east side of MacArthur between I-40 and Reno. I despise traffic like that, hence, the one trip...

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    Default Re: Traffic on MacArthur

    Quote Originally Posted by OKCisOK4me View Post
    I went to that AT&T store ONCE on the east side of MacArthur between I-40 and Reno. I despise traffic like that, hence, the one trip...
    It will be a worsening subject as the city expands. Even cities with excellent mass transit systems suffer from grueling traffic jams.

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    The easiest way to correct this one would be to remove the light for traffic coming from Westgate onto McArthur. Turn that traffic and force it out on Reno or create a frontage road that lines up with existing lights. WHen they added that light there, it immediately caused problems.

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    Default Re: Traffic on MacArthur

    This is a main artery feeding a couple major employers in the area, the FAA Center as well as the Hobby Lobby campus. Yeah I know there are multiple ways to get to each location, but it all depends on where you're coming from. Additionally now that they have begun the widening project on Meridian between the river and Airport Road, its a two lane nightmare. A lot of commuters have now shifted away from the totally impossible route to only a nearly impossible one. Around 5 traffic on Portland routinely backs up from SW 15th to the new Mathis Brothers distribution center.

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